The Zeek Rewards Receiver files his quarter four report for 2017 on February 15th.

The Zeek Receivership has mostly wound down, however a few outstanding clawback related tasks remain.

In no particular order, key information from the Zeek Receiver’s fourth quarter report is as follows:

  • $1,826,585 was collected from net-winner settlements throughout the quarter
  • The Payza PaymentsWorld VictoriaBank saga is still under appeal with a decision pending
  • Dawn Wright-Olivares’ Arkansas home is expected to be listed for sale sometime during this quarter (2018)
  • members of the US net-winner class tried to get out of clawback by filing various motions, all of which were denied last month
  • work on collection from foreign net-winners continues
  • the Receiver and Kaplan are engaged in settlement discussions, with a second mediation scheduled for February 28th
  • the Receiver is attempting to settle the USHBB clawback lawsuit prior to trial

As at the end of the fourth quarter the Receivership is sitting on $27.3 million.

A final distribution will be made at some point to Zeek victims with allowed claims, presumably when the outstanding issues above are (mostly) resolved.