Last we checked in Wakaya Perfection’s lawsuit against Youngevity had been dismissed.

Wakaya Perfection filed an appeal shortly after the decision in the Tenth Circuit.

The Tenth Circuit overturned the case, kicking it back to the Utah Central Division District Court.

Youngevity’s next move was to file a motion to stay proceedings, which was granted on February 28th.

Youngevity’s argument for a stay was basically that Wakaya Perfection’s counter-claims in their own filed lawsuit constitute parallel proceedings.

That is the outcome of Youngevity’s California lawsuit against Wakaya Perfection will resolve matters raised in Wakaya Perfection’s Utah lawsuit.

The court agreed with Youngevity, citing judicial economy and the avoidance of “conflicting results” for their decision.

This puts a halt to Wakaya Perfection’s proceedings against Youngevity – pending the outcome of Youngevity’s California case.

In the event Youngevity prevails in California, Wakaya Perfection might be given the opportunity to amend their Utah complaint, thus reopening the case.

Youngevity’s California lawsuit against Wakaya Perfection is still playing out. There’s been a few minor developments but nothing major to report on for some time.