A few quick updates on the Young Living Texas proposed class-action case.

Before the court were three previously filed motions to dismiss.

Two motions pertained to Young Living Foundation, Mary Young, Jared Turner and Benjamin Riley, the other was filed by Young Living itself.

All three were dismissed without prejudice on January 28th.

On February 3rd the case was stayed pending the outcome of Young Living’s arbitration decision appeal.

The stay was requested on December 23rd.

Young Living had attempted to force arbitration, as per Young Living distributor contracts, however that motion was denied in early December.

Young Living have appealed the decision in the Fifth Circuit. Appeal arguments are currently scheduled for April 27th.

Pending the outcome of the appeal, stay tuned…


Update 19th May 2020 – An April 29th case filing reveals the Fifth Circuit upheld the decision to deny Young Living’s arbitration motion.

At the time of publication there are no further case docket entries. We’ll continue to monitor the docket for updates.


Update 19th June 2020 – The Texas District Court removed the case stay on May 26th.