yevo-logoIn an email sent out yesterday, Yevo have announced they are closing down.

“A lack of success with Yevo’s network marketing model” is the official reason for the closure.

Yevo prelaunched with much fanfare in late 2014. In BehindMLM’s Yevo prelaunch review, I had concerns about the lack of retail qualifiers and possibility for chain-recruitment.

Combined with significant retail activity self-purchases and recruitment aren’t an issue, but retail is only incentivized here – leaving the possibility for affiliates to earn on chain-recruitment.

You sign up, purchase your monthly PV requirement and then recruit affiliates who do the same. Retail is entirely optional, which shouldn’t be the case.

To what extent Yevo was successful in attracting retail customers is unclear. From memory there was a general consensus that the dehydrated food product was priced too high.

Yevo retail customers and affiliates still wishing to order Yevo products will be able to do so through ‘Nutrient Foods, the inventor and licensor of (Yevo’s) products‘.

We expect that, within the next 6 months, Nutrient Foods … will continue to fulfill your auto ship orders, and will launch a direct to consumer company with new packaging, a new name, and with products that are available for anyone to purchase through a new website.

This should have no effect on consumers of our products except that it means everyone will buy directly from Nutrient Foods instead of through Nutrition Advocates.

Yevo will first wind down their MLM opportunity before closing the company altogether. Sounds to me like Yevo’s affiliate and customer data has been sold to Nutrient Foods.