x4more-logoIronically, X4More state in their terms and conditions that the opportunity may not be used ‘in connection with chain letters, junk email, pyramid schemes, money games‘.

Want to know why? Read on for a review of the X4More business opportunity.

The Company

On their company website, X4More states nothing about who runs or owns the company.

Infact, unless you visit the site via an affiliate link, they give absolutely no information to the visitor.

The domain whois for the site x4more.com is also set to private.

Whoever is running X4More don’t want you to know who they are, or be publicly associated with the running of the opportunity.

I have seen the name Sean Gagne pop up, but at the time of publication this can’t be confirmed so take it for what it is at this point, speculation.

The X4More Product Line

Here’s how X4More describes it’s product offering range;

Our back-office WebStore is the home of our X4More Download Collection.

In it you can find eBooks, Scripts, PLR Articles and Application Software for you to use or build, and market your own PLR / Master / Resale Rights collection.

Sound generically uninspiring? That’s because it is.

X4More don’t actually have any products of their own. Instead, the owner of the program has put together a collection of third party e-books, private label rights articles (articles available to anyone) and marketing software.

What we’re looking at here is essentially the status-quo when it comes to supplying a product in an attempt to legalise an opportunity, rather than delivery any real value or relevance to your members.

Useless and dated digital products written by nobodies that you wouldn’t buy without the compensation plan attached to them… that pretty much summarises the X4More product line.

The X4More Compensation Plan

The X4More compensation plan revolves around a 4×10 forced matrix. That’s 10 levels deep with each position on the matrix having four positions under it, starting with on the top. As your X4More matrix fills, it will look something like this;

There’s no retail side to X4More so the basic idea is that you convince others to join the opportunity and are then paid a commission when they join.

In a 4×10 matrix there are 1,398,100 positions to fill… which is quite obviously unachievable, even for those running the company itself who are sitting at the top of the company matrix paying themselves out.


Within the X4More matrix are what they call ‘phases’. Starting with Phase 1 (level one of your matrix) which you buy into, as you fill levels in your matrix you move onto the next phase.

For example, if you fill up level four of your matrix you will then move onto phase 5.

In order to self perpetuate the matrix and require members to only pay a one time joining fee, new member fees are used to ‘upgrade’ existing member fees. As a new member, you buy your way into phase 1 and from there on out with every new phase you enter into, you keep the first recruited member’s fee whilst the second and third members who join your level pay their fees to the company (which are used to pay commissions and make profit for the owners).

After your third recruit joins your matrix on any level, you keep the remaining member’s joining fees.

Multiple matrix positions

Within this framework, members are also able to position themselves in the matrix system multiple times. This ‘feature’ not only highlights the irrelevancy and lack of value of X4More’s products, but also serves as a way to keep the matrices rolling for as long as possible when the new memberships dry up (which they inevitably will).

In order to obtain a new position (which is effectively a new account), members must make a purchase of one of X4More’s third party virtual products. Each product is assigned a ‘commissionable value’ (CV) and if members purchase enough products to reach 500 CV, they get a new account into X4More.

It seems that 1 cent equals 1 CV and as such given that it costs $5 to join X4More and a $5 product purchase entitles you to a new position, X4More themselves are absorbing the cost of the products themselves in order to profit from the far more lucrative recruitment driven compensation plan.

How’s that for product value…

Oh and as far as I can see, there is no limit on the number of new matrix positions members can purchase.

‘Next-in-line’ positioning

In order to give the impression of supporting its members by offering something more than mere spillover from member’s uplines, X4More offers what they call ‘next-in-line’ positioning.

The basic idea is that every second member you recruit (starting with the second member you recruit and counting all even numbered recruits) is placed on the first qualified matrix within the next-in-line system.

The idea is that theoretically, even if you didn’t recruit anyone to the system, over time eventually your matrix would make it to the top of the pile and you’d get some spillover love.

The problem is that schemes like this only serve to attract people who think they’re going to make millions doing nothing. Of course X4More know that in a recruitment driven compensation plan these types of members are useless, but they also don’t forget that as useless as they are, by joining the opportunity they also fill a spot on somebody’s matrix.

This way the company looks like it’s helping people fill their matrices but doesn’t really do much in reality. Primarily as a productive member of X4More you’re still going to be relying on the new members you directly recruit and the new members your downline recruit.

Joining X4More

Joining X4More is a pretty straightforward affair with only one $5 entry option available to members.


Given that X4More themselves are absorbing the costs of the products on offer (meaning they’re effectively worthless as you as a member are not even paying for them), X4More is nothing more than a membership driven money game.

You pay your $5, you get people to join, within the matrix 2 people you get to join pay their money to the company and you pocket the rest.

With the multiple accounts on offer X4More will no doubt stall the inevitable new membership dry up, but that’s not before the system gains some traction and membership numbers.

Ironically X4More state in their compensation plan that

there is one glaring fact seems to be overlooked, by so many people today – ‘You cannot make money out of thin air’.

What they seem to have forgotten however, is that this most certainly applies to the X4More opportunity too.

Even with multiple positions on the matrix the money has to come from somewhere and there’s only so much investment X4More’s members are going to make themselves.

With no retail options this means that the entire system is dependent on new recruits injecting cash into the system. If that critical component of the compensation plan stops, all you’re left with is a bunch of members pumping $5 a pop into the system trying to fill their matrices with multiple accounts.

That of course won’t work because the company takes the membership fees of the 2nd and 3rd recruits on any level of your matrix, meaning that members will walk away with less than they invested into the program on each level.

Thus, the system needs the money of new members to keep it going and pay everyone.

Is X4More a scam?

No retail, no unique products, no purpose beyond changing money between members and ultimately no real value;

You tell me.