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-Official Waiora Product Overview


Natural Cellular Defense is a nutritional supplement marketed by Waiora. The company states that Natural Cellur Defense (NCD) is ‘(the) only choice when it comes to removing heavy metals and toxins from your system‘.

Natural Cellular Defense – is the cleanest and purest on the market. It is the most effective zeolite on the planet. Period.

Back in January 2012 a consumer fraud class action lawsuit was filed against Waiora in a US Federal Court. The suit, filed in Florida, claimed that ‘the company sold a mineral-enhanced anti-aging product that, in reality, contained little more than water‘.

The suit accuses Waiora of fraud and negligence, saying it, along with its manufacturing and research partners and those companies’ officers, had a duty to ensure the amount of zeolites on the label matched the bottle’s contents.

Waiora’s NCD actually contained less than 10 percent of the minerals promised on the label from 2004 to September 2011, the complaint says, calling the deception “a negligent or intentionally fraudulent escapade of gross magnitude … which robbed innocent people looking for ways to improve their health.”

The plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit have called Waiora’s marketing of the product a “fraudulent escapade of gross magnitude,” given that it allegedly targeted “gravely ill” consumers at a cost of more than $50 per 15-milliliter bottle.

The basis of the suit was a 2010 third-party analysis of Waiora’s NCD product, which revealed that ‘ instead of the 2,400 milligrams of zeolite advertised on the label, the bottles contained closer to 150 mg‘. The missing 2250 mg of zeolite was just water.

A second analysis was performed by another independent lab, which found an even lower amount of zeolite present in the NCD product.

These lab results were presented to Waiora, with the company  dismissing them and standing by the printed ingredient information on NCD bottles.

Despite rejecting the third-party analysis results, shortly after they were presented to Waiora the company quietly ‘switched to a new manufacturer for the supplement‘.

Since the switch in October, Waiora has been selling NCD that has a different consistency, taste and color from the earlier version, the class claims.

The complaint also raised concerns over concerns ‘the supplement is an effective treatment for medical conditions like autism and cancer‘, despite none of Waiora’s product being evaluated by the FDA.

The case has played out in court over the past fourteen months and came to a resolution late last month, with both parties agreeing to settle out of court.

In the settlement agreement, Waiora coughed up $12 million dollars in compensation and will provide the plaintiffs with ‘a free three-pack of Natural Cellular Defense or NCD — produced after October 2011 — with a value of $150 each‘.

Kind of makes you wonder what other MLM companies might have gotten away with in the past. These plaintiffs were proactive enough to run independent tests for zeolites, but how many people would bother to go to the effort?