The Viseming Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

As of a few hours ago the scheme’s website began returning a “404 not found” error.

On September 29th Viseming initiated their exit-scam with the launch of VSM token.

The announcement was made by a hired actor playing “Sebastian Ferguson”, in a cell phone video shot in someone’s driveway.

If you follow the actor’s eyes, you can clearly see he’s reading off a script.

Ferguson is presented as Viseming’s CFO. His script repeatedly emphasizes investor trust.

Towards the end of the video, VSM token is announced for launch in May 2022.

That announcement failed to attract new investors, prompting Viseming to disable withdrawals sometime over the past 24 hours.

The company’s website was disabled shortly thereafter.

In an attempt to cover their exit-scam, Viseming published the following nonsense to Facebook roughly 12 hours ago:

Dear partners of VISEMING LTD

There is no need to worry about the payment of funds.

Previously, payments were made manually, on a first come, first served basis.

The company is moving to a new level, the number of new partners is increasing significantly.

It is becoming more and more difficult for our specialists to comply with the given regulations, but despite this, the employees of the company have already paid 65% of the abandoned applications.

If your application is returned to your personal account, do not worry, within 72 hours our IT department will have finished working on a new system of automatic payments. That will allow the withdrawal according to the regulations.

Also, the new withdrawal system will allow monitoring each transaction, the slightest change in the address for withdrawing funds, which will completely protect our partners from third-party interference in their personal account.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.

Needless to say if any of that was remotely true, a company doesn’t need to pull its entire website down for three days to implement backend changes.

Tellingly, Viseming has disabled comments on its official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

As part of their exit-scam, Viseming amusingly represented they had received a $15 million investment from some random in Dubai.

To that end the company uploaded “VISEMING LTD – $ 15,000,000. Institutional investor, representative of Arab countries, now with us!” to their YouTube channel two days ago.

The video features drone footage of a city that’s definitely not in the UAE, a building with a photoshopped Viseming logo, rented vehicles with fake plates, and eastern European actors playing Arabs.

The city drone footage appears to be unrelated to the rented vehicle drone footage.

At [0:46] you can see “Huis van de Europese Geschiedenis” in the bottom right corner.

The House of European History, as it’s known in English, is a museum in Brussels, Belgium.

I’m assuming this is random stock footage Viseming obtained from somewhere.

The cars drive on the right. All other vehicles in the video have had their plates blurred out.

At [0:58] the fake Dubai plate is shown:

At [0:53] you can see a “no smoking” sign on a tree. I can’t make out the exact language but it’s definitely not English.


Update 15th November 2021 – A reader in the comments below has identified the “no smoking” sign language as Georgian.

Georgia is just south of Ukraine and Russia so that’s within close enough proximity of their native countries. /end update


BehindMLM reviewed Viseming in September 2021. It’s a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme run by the usual suspects in Ukraine/Russia. Viseming’s official Facebook page is operated from the Ukraine.

Viseming launched in an actor playing CEO “Karl Morris”:

Morris hasn’t been seen since the Sebastian Ferguson actor was hired on or around June 2021.

Alexa website traffic estimates suggest the majority of Viseming’s victims are in Algeria (83%).