Vibe Direct is a ridesharing and wireless discount MLM company that launched earlier this year.

Here’s how it’s gone so far:

As above, Vibe Direct launched and went nowhere for most of this year. Right now though there’s renewed interest in the company. You can see this in that blue line that came out of nowhere in the chart above.

This coincides with a ridesharing and wireless service launch announcement by iBuumerang owner Holton Buggs.

Buggs’ made the announcements at an early September iBuumerang conference.

Named “buummobile” and “Vide Ride”, the two offerings appear to be renamed Vibe Direct services.

The odd thing is that after a month and a half though, there’s no mention of buummobile or Vibe Ride on iBuumerang’s website.

And stranger still is Vibe Direct’s website still being up and accepting signups. Is the company still running? Is it now owned by iBuumerang – what’s going on?

Outside of Bugg’s September presentation, iBuumerang haven’t published any information on their relationship with Vibe Direct.

Vibe Direct in turn haven’t addressed their relationship with iBuumerang anywhere.

The company’s official Facebook page hasn’t been updated since July. Both Vibe Direct’s corporate blog and company website newsroom haven’t been updated since May.

The only reference to the buyout I was able to find is this mid September Facebook post from a (former?) Vibe Direct affiliate.

All of this is certainly strange. And adding to the confusion you’ve then got iBuumerang affiliates marketing Vibe Ride as an investment opportunity:

Considering buummobile and Vibe Ride are already being actively marketed by iBuumerang affiliates, perhaps a little transparency wouldn’t go astray?

Failing which there’s perhaps a “horse before the cart” marketing lesson here for other MLM companies to learn from.


Update 12th October 2019 – Received some additional information suggesting Vibe Direct flopped because it couldn’t compete with Lyft and Uber.

The only benefit derived from using Vibe Direct was that your driver (likely someone you knew) made a few dollars.

Vibe Direct’s other services (wireless etc.) fizzled because vendors pulled out or the company couldn’t keep up with merchant fees.

Also not helping was Vibe Direct tech staff purportedly overpaying themselves.

Investors eventually pulled out, purportedly amid concerns of profitability (both Uber and Lyft operate at a loss).

iBuumerang has indeed purchased Vibe, although at the time the app wasn’t working. Apparently Buggs’ didn’t know this at the time of acquisition, hence the radio silence.

Vibe Direct failed to notify its affiliates the company had collapsed. Nobody was told the company had been sold to iBuumerang either.

Take that as you will. It’s not official information because to date there hasn’t been any from either Vibe Direct, its’ former management or iBuumerang.