Valentus founder and CEO Dave Jordan has sold the company to Paul Pearson.

How much Pearson bought Valentus for has not been disclosed.

When exactly the sale took place is unclear but top distributors were informed at Valentus’ Sioux Falls headquarters earlier this month.

The rest of Valentus’ distributor base received a “company update” on or around February 5th.

Over the last few days, Dave and Paul have been laying out the plans for the transition from Valentus Inc. to Valentus Global Inc.

It has been a beautiful handover of a loved and cherished company into the hands of the new owner and CEO, Paul Pearson.

Many exciting changes will be announced very soon!

You will see some changes happen within a few weeks, including new branding, new products, and new benefits for you as members.

Valentus Global Inc. will be taking the reigns and under the direction of the new CEO will be driving the company forward.

At least for now, it appears Valentus Global will continue to operate out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

As to what prompted Dave Jordan to sell Valentus, SimilarWeb recorded a significant decline in website traffic throughout 2022:

As of January 2023, 94% of Valentus’ website traffic originates from the US. The company is effectively dead elsewhere in the world.

Valentus Global’s new website is up but at present only provides additional information about the handover.

Paul is the owner of NutriSpark Ltd – Miracol Labs Ltd – CY Trading LTD and has more than 20 years of experience in the nutraceutical space.

Dave Jordan (right): Paul is in a unique position to enhance an already strong product line and make it into a product line that will soon be the envy of the industry.

As I’ve stated many times, Valentus is Joyce’s and my legacy. This new direction ensures that the legacy will continue.

While it’s hard to let go, both Joyce and I know we’re doing the best thing for our beloved distributors and the people that love our products.

Valentus Global Inc will be another positive growth step for the company that we founded and love.

Paul Pearson: When Dave Jordan approached me about improving the Valentus product line, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Now it’s an even bigger yes that Dave’s graciously allowing me to move the entire business to a new direction that we’re calling Valentus Global Inc.

As the owner of a world-class nutraceutical manufacturing facility, I know we can produce better-quality products than our competitors.

Valentus marketing credits Pearson as the formulator of many of Valentus’ products:

Valentus has somewhat a turbulent history within the MLM industry, particularly with respect to its products.

Since 2019 Valentus appears to have cleaned up its act regarding its products. To the best of my knowledge none of Paul Pearson’s companies were involved in Valentus’ contaminated product saga.

BehindMLM reviewed Valentus back in 2016. We found a compensation plan that favored autoship recruitment over retail sales.

When exactly Valentus Global will launch is unclear but further details are expected over the coming weeks.

BehindMLM intends to publish a full Valentus Global review once more details are made public.


Update 27th February 2023 – I checked in with Valentus Global today. The company’s old domain is unchanged.

The domain “” was, up until recently, showing a Valentus Global Inc. message.

Valentus CEO Dave Jordan announces a new direction for Valentus.

Valentus CEO Dave Jordan, announces a new powerful beginning: The formation of Valentus Global Inc.

Valentus Global Inc will be headed up by none other than Paul Pearson.

Paul is the owner of NutriSpark Ltd – Miracol Labs Ltd – CY Trading LTD and has more than 20 years of experience in the nutraceutical space.

Today a visit to “” returns a 404 error. Not sure what’s going on there. Will check back at the end of March.


Update 31st March 2022 – Doesn’t really look like anything has changed since the end of February.

The Valentus Global domain is back to showing the Valentus Global Inc. message.

Valentus’ old/current (?) website is unchanged, complete with August 2022 compensation plan.

Probably leaving things here unless Valentus Global actually launches, whenever that is.