Univera has gone public with their decision to drop their MLM opportunity.

In an announcement published on Univera’s website, the company advises;

Univera ownership has made the difficult decision to transition the company from a network marketing organization to sales strictly through e-commerce channels.

Typically when an MLM company abandons MLM distributors are unfortunately the last to know. Fortunately Univera distributors were given a lengthy heads up.

I knew of Univera intending to close their doors back in August. Due to the choice not to screw their distributors over however, I refrained from reporting on it till a public announcement was made.

As per Univera’s announcement, MLM operations will wind up sometime from December 2020.

Affiliates will earn commissions until November 30th, with the final commission run scheduled to follow.

After that, all Associate Agreements will be cancelled and Univera will become an e-commerce company.

What this means is Univera will sell directly to customers its distributors have referred to the company. It’s your typical retail non-MLM model.

Ironically traffic to Univera’s website seems to have spiked from September, shortly after CEO Ralph Bietz made the initial announcement.

Univera was founded in 1998 by Bill Lee. Lee’s father, Yunho Lee, passed away in 1996.

Univera was a continuation of Lee’s father’s business interests.

Univera marketed flagship aloe vera products, spanning nutritional supplement, weight loss and personal care ranges.

BehindMLM never got around to reviewing Univera so I can’t provide insight into Univera’s compensation plan.

A reason for Univera’s decision to abandon MLM has not been made public.