In the aftermath of the preliminary injunction granted against Traffic Monsoon and owner Charles Scoville, donations to Scoville’s legal fund appear to have tanked.

As per the “Scoville Legal Defense Fund” website, $1520 has been donated as of March 31, 2017.

Legal costs for February, 2017 were $4840. Legal costs for March have not been disclosed.

Evidently Scoville and his mother have been doing the rounds on Facebook, pressuring top Traffic Monsoon investors to ramp up donation collection efforts.

This didn’t sit well with Sunil Patel, which purportedly prompted Scoville to “cross the line” on a private Traffic Monsoon WhatsApp group.

In an audio clip that surfaced yesterday, Patel (right) doesn’t go into specific details of what Scoville allegedly posted.

[00:30] I was deeply insulted by what Charles wrote earlier. It really, really, really, really hurt me.

He does however suggest Scoville might have taken a dig at Patel’s efforts to collect affidavits from Traffic Monsoon investors in the wake of the SEC’s complaint.

[00:37] The affidavits were useful. Every person who done a notarized affidavit could go to prison for perjury for doing that, right?

[11:50] You’ve put this message in the WhatsApp group today and you’ve just ruined our whole relationship, Charles.

You have ruined our relationship because I can’t come back from that type of hatred you put in there.

The affidavits, the Revolution Day, about me eating ice cream on the beach… you’ve disrespected me now Charles. You’ve stepped over the mark.

[14:09] Your message that you put in the leader’s WhatsApp group, I can’t forgive you for that.

The primary reason Scoville derided Patel appears to be related to his lack of enthusiasm to solicit donations for Scoville’s defense fund.

[00:58] I didn’t reply to Charles’ message in his group, but now it’s four o’clock in the morning and Charles is messaging me saying, “Sunil I need your help, can you get some donations going? You’ve got a big following, why don’t you do something? blahblahblahblahblah”.

[4:48] You insulted me with that message earlier Charles, right? And you said, “Oh you know you’ve got all the people saying “like”, “unity”, “you’ve got all the people together but you’re not … helping with the funding”.

[01:25] From the beginning I have hated doing everything else I’ve done for TM, but I’ve hated collecting donations.

The main reason I don’t like collecting donations is because everyone has lost enough money.

Patel also claims he didn’t approve posts from Scoville and his mother soliciting donations in his Traffic Monsoon Facebook group.

The narrative pushed by Scoville to solicit donations is that if Traffic Monsoon wins the SEC case, ROI payouts will resume. This despite forensic accounting revealing seized funds are nowhere near enough to pay out Traffic Monsoon investors.

As a Traffic Monsoon insider, this appears to have ground on Patel’s conscience – because he believes Scoville isn’t as broke as he makes out to be.

[01:40] I do not like the relationship between Charles and Immy.

Next to Scoville, Imtiaz “Immy” Aslam is believed to be the second largest net-winner in Traffic Monsoon. Aslam disappeared from the public eye shortly after the SEC shut Traffic Monsoon down.

[01:46] No matter what you say Charles, to me right?

You say “Immy’s deserted me”, this and that yeah? But then you put a message in this group that you went to the cinema with Immy in Manchester.

So when you went to the cinema in Manchester with Immy, what did you talk about?

You must have talked about your money problems.

I know everyone says Immy’s not on social media. Why is Immy donating quietly and not telling no one that he’s donating? What’s the reason for that?

See I’m just confused. I am confused yeah?

The way I see things and it could be true, it might not be true, Immy is hiding money for Charles.

Right? That’s what could be going on here. Immy could be hiding money for Charles and that’s why Immy’s gone quiet and he’s hiding. And he’s still donating and not letting everybody know.

That’s why I have not donated. I have not raised donations for people and I have not pushed people to get money from people, because they’ve suffered enough.

[06:06] You (Scoville) bought a fucking Porsche, you went and bought a house in Manchester.

When PayPal (funds) got frozen, you went and changed religion and got married. When we were suffering.

[06:50] I deliberately borrowed sixty-five thousand pounds cash to my team.

Another thirty thousand pound, ninety-five thousand pounds I gave to my team and deliberately made videos showing money wires.

And then I got telephone calls and I got ten million pounds put back into Traffic Monsoon to save this fucking company.

Ten million pounds of what the SEC got is what I brought into the company and you’re asking me to go and raise donations?

The preliminary injunction also appears to have raised questions among Traffic Monsoon’s top investors, prompting Patel to question the mathematics behind a Ponzi scheme.

Scoville seems to have told investors secret “algorithms” enabled him to pay investors more than was invested. In light of the SEC’s forensic accounting revelations however, that’s not cutting it anymore.

[02:53] You (Scoville) know more than anybody, 95% of Ad Pack sales were from Ad Packs. Financially, 99% of money was coming from Ad Packs and only 1%, financially, was coming from other services – which was a whole lot of bullshit.

If I knew that 99% of financial sales were coming from Ad Packs, I would not have brought a big team into Traffic Monsoon.

And I wouldn’t have put my heart and soul into this business. I wouldn’t have touched it with a barge pole.

Right? That’s the truth here. Let’s not beat around the bush here, right?

Charles, you think turnover is everything in this business. That’s the way I see it, turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover.

These algorithms, I don’t know what algorithms you’re talking about.

This business is dangerous for the future, it can’t sustain itself.

Every Ad Pack somebody buys, it’s like you go to Starbucks. If you buy a one pound coffee and you leave the door and Starbucks gives you one pound ten back, how can Starbucks survive?

And you keep saying algorithms, algorithms, algorithms, where are these algorithms? Tell me!

Things get heated about half way through the recording, with Patel claiming

[07:24] Charles, I have so much information on you, you will be going to jail for life.

You can go to jail for life for what I know.

I fucking know that Traffic Monsoon dot plus, that was brought into the scene so you could fucking put 1.2 million pounds into a fucking … put it into Traffic Monsoon Plus and take it back out and use it for whatever you wanted to use it for.

I’m not the one who fucking withdrew, who didn’t tell the Traffic Monsoon members that the PayPal money had been released.

You didn’t tell no one it had been released and you done about, I don’t know, fifty transactions. Personal account, personal account, personal account, that wasn’t my fault. That was your fault.

You need to look at yourself and what you’ve done Charles in your life. What you’ve done, right?

You withdrew all those funds without telling nobody and you knew the SEC was watching you.

You told us we passed the Paypal investigation and they froze our money. You told us (the) SEC have looked at us and everything’s fine… and then they froze us.

You fucked up my life. You fucked up so many people’s lives Charles.

[08:37] You started (Traffic Monsoon) with no money … and right now you’ve got no money. So you’ve lost nothing. What did you lose Charles?

[8:54] For two years, all your flights, all your meals, all your hotel bills, all that trip in Dubai, all of the trips when you brought your son all around the world, that was paid for by Traffic Monsoon money.

You survived for two years, you bought a Porsche, you bought a house in Manchester… you started with nothing, you’ve ended with nothing and you’ve gone back home and your family’s looking after you.

So you can start your life again. You can go and get a job in a fucking call-center, a McDonalds or wherever you want to get a job. You can get a job and start your life, right?

But we, the (Traffic Monsoon) members, have suffered so much. They’ve suffered so much.

And then you try to give me stress about raising donations.

[12:11] And I’ve got so much money in Traffic Monsoon and it’s like, “What do I do?”

I gave ninety-five thousand pounds of loans to my team to create momentum for this bloody Traffic Monsoon. Ninety-five thousand pounds cash.

I wired over to you another eighty thousand, right?

I can’t pay my bills. I’m paying them from credit cards right now. And one of my friends I loaned money to doesn’t answer the phone no more.

So it’s just a complete, absolute nightmare and I am not doing too well.

If all of this sounds like behind the rosy social media postings and message of unity, things are reaching breaking point – that’s because they probably are.

According to Patel, Scoville and his mother are increasingly desperate for funds because the Traffic Monsoon lawyers are currently working unpaid.

[12:56] I should not be finding out about how desperate you are for funding through Facebook.

Why the hell am I finding out that your mum is desperate for funding, seven o’clock in the morning from Facebook?

Why am I finding out from your mum and you, last week, the week before, for funding?

Why can’t you phone me, for god’s sake? Why can’t you send me a text message?

You’ve never ever sent me a text even Charles, saying “Sunil, this is the problem, we need this with the funding”.

I would help you guys but you haven’t got a clue about communication skills Charles.

All you had to do is phone me, “Sunil, we need fifty grand. We need fifty thousand dollars, it’s really urgent. Our lawyers haven’t been paid.

The way your mum put it was, “help us get funds, help us get funds”. She didn’t even make it clear last night that the lawyers hadn’t been paid.

I sussed it out myself that the lawyers must be waiting for their money. This is what’s going on here.

Despite the behind the scenes turmoil between investors and lawyers not getting paid, publicly Scoville has stated he intends to file an appeal against the preliminary injunction decision.

Stay tuned…