traffic-monsoon-logoOn August 27th Sunil Patel is hosting a “revolution day” for Traffic Monsoon affiliates.

[0:11] The revolution day is a day for all the members to meet, okay. I want all the members around the world to meet up in Brighton.

In his revolution day announcement video, Patel encourages attending affiliates to create banners for the event.

[1:41] You can make a banner.

Now, very strict, what you’re gunna write on the banner has to be something in the lines of “we are not investors”.

[2:27] The main theme is “we are not investors”. This is not a money doubler, “we are not investors” is the most important thing guys.

Patel is adamant Traffic Monsoon is not an investment opportunity and that he is not an investor.

So much so that yesterday, in a video “for the SEC”, Patel offered to fly to the US to appear in court and testify as much.

[0:10] I’m willing to into a court of law under oath to collaborate everything that I’m saying in this video.

[10:42] I’m willing to go under oath in a court of law to prove who I am and what I’m about.

[17:35] I am willing to come to court. I am willing to catch an airplane from the UK, I’m willing to come to America and under oath collaborate everything I have.

[18:22] I have never said the word investment. This is not an investment.

One thing about me: I’m truthful.

sunil-patel-traffic-monsoon-investor-video-youtubeSunil Patel joined Traffic Monsoon on September 5th, 2015.

To mark the event, Patel uploaded a video to YouTube titled “Video 1 – My traffic monsoon journey£4500 invested”.

Funny title for someone who claims to not be a Traffic Monsoon investor.

In a followup video uploaded on September 7th, Patel explains what attracted him to Traffic Monsoon…

…and it’s got nothing to do with advertising.

[2:51] You tell me, where can you get (a) ten percent return on your money? Where can you get ten percent return?

I’m a property investor, property developer, and six, seven, eight percent is good. Although I have got properties with ten, twelve, fourteen percent return.

But the logistics of getting a property and stamp duty and costs … like there’s a lot of hoops, hurdles that you have to go through.

Now with Traffic Monsoon you’re getting a ten percent return on your money.

Patel goes on deposit additional funds into Traffic Monsoon. After the transaction goes through he states:

[3:56] So I have to note that down. 1073 pounds today invested.

I’m keeping a note of exactly how much I’m investing.

The thing in business guys, you have to keep your expenses low and your assets high.

So I’m building an asset and I’m trying to keep my expenses low.

“Building an asset”? That doesn’t sound like somebody “purchasing advertising packs” without any expectation of a ROI.

Remembering Patel’s offer to fly to the US and testify in court under oath as to his participation in Traffic Monsoon… I wonder now how that would actually go.

Ah well, at least Patel still has his Traffic Monsoon revolution day… even if it’s evidently built on a foundation of lies.


Update 22nd August 2016 – Five hours after it was published, Sunil Patel removed the videos cited in this article.

Whether Patel will continue to claim he never referred to or marketed Traffic Monsoon as an investment remains to be seen.