The thrice collapsed Gigamax Ponzi scheme is rebooting as Terramax.

Gigamax victims were migrated over between 3rd and 15th of September. Recruitment of new victims is scheduled to kick off in early October.

Terramax is a reboot into the already collapsed NFT grift niche.

Terramax will operate from two known website domains:

  1. – privately registered on September 5th, 2023 and
  2. – privately registered on March 5th, 2023

Beyond being an NFT grift, specific details of Terramax’s Ponzi grift have yet to be made public.

Considering Gigamax’s first three reboots were cryptocurrency trading ruses, expect more of the same.

Gigamax believed to be run by Chinese scammers operating out of south-east Asia.

The Ponzi scheme primarily targets Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

By the time BehindMLM reviewed Gigamax in August 2023, it was already on its third reboot.

The Malaysian Securities Commission issued a Gigamax fraud warning in February 2023. Beyond that though, no further action has been taken.

Needless to say participating in an already thrice collapsed Ponzi scheme will only lead to more losses.

If you’re an existing Gigamax victim, your money is gone. The sooner you come to terms with this the sooner you eliminate the risk of losing more money to the scammers who already stole your money.

If you’re a prospective Terramax investor, you’re jumping into a Ponzi scheme already burdened by three generations of scammed victims. That’s not going to end well.