Y’all know those collapsing ICO lending Ponzi schemes that have pretty much dominated the MLM underbelly of late?

Yeah, those scams that tons of people have lost money in. Well, turns out the problem isn’t they’re all just Ponzi schemes, rather it’s just a branding issue.

Leading the pack with a new generation of the ICO lending Ponzi model is ThornCoin, and you’re not going to believe what they’ve come up with.

Having already launched with an ICO lending Ponzi model a few weeks ago, ThornCoin was well aware of the writing on the wall.

Pretty much every ICO lending Ponzi scheme launched over the past few months has either

  • received a regulatory cease and desist and then collapsed
  • collapsed organically as the pool of gullible idiots shrinks from scam to scam or
  • abruptly shut down and run off with invested funds

Fear not though, the astute Einsteins behind ThornCoin have a solution.

Same Ponzi ROIs each month, same ICO bullshit… they’ve just changed the name to “long-term staking”.

Seriously, that’s it.

Well, not entirely. In an environment where ICO lending scams are bleeding, ThornCoin have also ditched level 2 and 3 commissions.

The company now offers only a flat 5% single-level commission on new investment.

That’s down from the initial 8% on level 1 ThornCoin initially offered.

Oh and US IP addresses are now blocked from accessing the ThornCoin website…

Forbidden Region!

Due to local regulations your country and/or region is not allowed to operate with this website.

Cuz y’know, that’ll keep those pesky regulators away.

Despite ThornCoin’s US ban, Alexa still peg the US as the largest source of traffic to the ThornCoin website (15%).

So where to from here?

Well seeing as ThornCoin is still just another ICO lending Ponzi scheme, refer to the three outcomes above.

Either ThornCoin will receive a cease and desist and the admins will exit-scam, or they’ll collapse due to a lack of interest or they’ll just shut down before collapsing and run.

Tell you what though, there’s obviously some bombastic geniuses running the ICO lending niche.

“Long-term staking”… I mean, wow. Just wow. Cure for cancer next?