rolution-logoWhen it comes to information there’s always going to be a need to keep some information private. Whether its personal records, business data, sensitive financial records or trade secrets… there’s a whole bunch of reasons people and businesses need to keep their information secure and private.

Traditionally this would be done in a safe but with the advent of computers and digital storage, along with the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to secure data.

Obviously the most secure network is an offline system that only you can access, but for most people and companies this is hardly practical. Your other options?

Either host the data yourself and personally guarantee it’s protection and access along with the risks involved, or hire a third-party to store your data for you securely.

With high-speed internet access, the hassle-free nature of deployment and easy integration of cloud storage in existing business operations, an entire industry has popped up aiming to convince individuals and businesses to trust them with their information that needs to be safely secured, but still accessible.

One such company is Rolution, who have taken the concept of secured cloud storage and combined it with a MLM style compensation plan.

Read on for a review of the Rolution business opportunity.

The Company

Launched in November 2010, Rolution is run by parent company ‘The World Network Marketing Group‘, which is in turn a division of ‘MLM-R-US USA Inc.’

On their website, Rolution state that the company is

a UNITED STATES company, Canadian owned, with offices in Plattsburgh, New York, USA, and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The World Network Marketing Group CEO is some guy called Elie Levy with the President being another guy, Henry ‘Rico’ Levy. Henry is also the President of MLM-R-US USA.

I’m not entirely sure if there’s a family connection there but I’d assume so.

Personally I don’t know why you need three companies to roll out one MLM company and I haven’t heard of anything either Elie Levy or Henry Levy have been involved in before – neither of which inspire much confidence.

I’m certainly not claiming anything isn’t above-board here, but if anything, the relationship between Rolution, The World Network Marketing Group and  MLM-R-US USA leaves me feeling suspicious.

At least they’re open and honest about which company’s own who so I guess that’s a positive to take away.

The Rolution Product

As I mentioned in the introduction, Rolution’s product offering isn’t really a product but rather access to a service. That service of course being secured digital storage.

For the non-technical minded people reading this review, the basic idea is that you upload (send) your information to Rolution who then store it for you securely.

You are then able to access this information over the internet whenever you want.

Rolution claim their secure digital storage solution, which they call ‘The Vault’

has enhanced security encryption, called Anti-Theft Millennium, providing your data with a super high level of protection.

A Google search for ‘anti-theft millennium’ turns up 5 non-English results with the 6th and only English result being about second-hand Lexus car for sale so I’m not entirely sure what it is.

Even without quotation marks (and the inclusion of +rolution), Google returns an additional 100 results, none of which appear to offer any explanation as to what this anti-theft millennium security system is or who built it.

All you get is just a whole bunch of claims about how secure it is.

On the technical side, Rolution’s Vault is 5 gigabytes of storage for $13 a month. A 10gb upgrade option is available but Rolution don’t state how much extra this is (and I couldn’t find the cost of it myself).

The Rolution Compensation Plan

Rolution list their compensation plan as an affiliate program but due to the fact it has a residual income component, pays out on multiple levels and utilises a ‘5 x infinity’ matrix is quite clearly MLM.

Here’s a closer look at the various components of the Rolution compensation plan;

Quick Start Dollars

The Quick Start Dollars Bonus rewards Rolution members by paying them a one time commission of $15 for each new customer they bring to the company.

Matrix Commissions

At the heart of the Rolution compensation plan is a 5xinfinity matrix. This matrix is infinite levels deep and each leg, with you starting off at the top, branches out into 5 new legs.

As you begin to fill up your Rolution matrix, it will start to look something like this;

Commissions paid out on your matrix organisation are based on levels of the matrix. Note that you cannot create a new level on your matrix until the previous level is completely filled.

These level payouts are $1 a month for each member you have in your matrix up to level 5 (3905 members = $3905 a month), and 25 cents a month per member in your matrix from level 6 onwards.

These members do not have to be sponsored by you and can be spillover from your upline (members that have been recruited by people above you).

Note that from level 6 onwards, there are recruitment requirements tied into the matrix commissions. These are as follows;

  • Level 6 – You must have 10 personally sponsored members
  • Level 7 – You must have 25 personally sponsored members, of which 5 must meet level 6 requirements
  • Level 8 – You must have 75 personally sponsored members, of which 5 must meet level 6 requirements and 3 must meet level 7 requirements
  • Level 9 and onwards – You must have 175 personally sponsored members, of which 5 must meet level 7 requirements and 2 must meet level 8 requirements

Double Commissions

Along with the matrix commissions outlined above, Rolution members will also earn an additional $1 a month for each member they personally sponsor in their matrix.

Matching Bonus

Rolution’s Matching Bonus pays out a percentage commission bonus infinite levels deep on members you personally sponsor into Rolution.

Rolution pay out a 10% Matching Bonus on generations 1-3 and 5% on generations 4 down to infinity. The Matching Bonus is paid out on the matrix commission earnings of those in your downline.

There are recruitment conditions tied into the various generation level payouts however, and they are as follows;

  • 1st generation – recruit at least one new member
  • 2nd generation – recruit at least 5 new members
  • 3rd generation – recruit at least 7 new members
  • 4th generation – recruit at least 15 new members
  • 5th generation – recruit at least 25 new members, 5 of which must they themselves have personally sponsored at least 10 new members
  • 6th generation – recruit at least 100 new members, 5 of which must they themselves have personally sponsored at least 10 new members and 3 of which have personally sponsored 25 new members
  • 7th generation – recruit at least 200 new members, 5 of which must they themselves have personally sponsored at least 25 new members and 2 of which have personally sponsored 100 new members.

5 in 7 Cash

The 5 in 7 Cash Bonus is a $50 bonus for Rolution members who recruit 5 new members within any Monday to Sunday 7 day period.

Join Rolution

Joining Rolution is a one time cost of $27 which includes a replicated capture page (which appears to be powered by the WordPress platform) and is then $13 a month thereafter.

Rolution’s monthly membership includes  basic access to the Vault at the 5gb level (which means your $13 is effectively an autoship service).


Compensation plan wise, there’s no doubt that access to the upper levels of the matrix is heavily stacked with recruitment requirements. However, given that Rolution is a service based MLM, rather than a product based one – this effectively means that retail sales are the same as recruiting new members to Rolution (barring of course the $14 additional once off joining fee).

Given this, I see no reason why your retail customers can’t count towards your recruitment requirements as they pay the same $13 a month as Rolution members.

The compensation does have its drawbacks however which is primarily the amount of people you need under you each paying their $13 to get anywhere. Being a 5 leg wide matrix expanding infinitely, it doesn’t take long before you’re looking at some astronomical numbers to generate a decent income.

With the relatively low cost of the cloud storage service (in terms of MLM products, not cloud storage services), commission are thin per member and you need to make up for it with a large number of members.

This brings us to the effectiveness with which Rolution members are going to be able to market ‘the Vault’ service.

Rolution claim that

there is nothing to sell with Rolution, the Rolution Solution is so strong that it sells itself.

Now obviously this is a load of crap as you’re either selling new members or retail customers on the business opportunity itself (which would be illegal) or Rolution’s service, The Vault.

When it comes to secure cloud storage, contrary to Rolution’s claims, this still needs to be marketed to people (they’re not just going to sign up because you tell them to).

When choosing a secure cloud storage system, primarily I’d want to know what encryption was used, who developed it and who owned it.

Apart from claiming The Vault utilises ‘enhanced security encryption called Anti-Theft Millennium’, Rolution answers none of these questions.

What is Anti-Theft Millennium, who owns it, who developed it and what kind of encryption does it use…? Who knows.

Furthermore, despite claiming that using The Vault is ‘like giving your files a bulletproof vest’, nestled within Rolution’s Terms and Conditions is about all you need to know about the strength of their Anti-Theft Millennium encryption system;

In no event shall The World Network Marketing Group be liable for any damages – including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption – arising from the use or inability to use the products on The World Network Marketing Group Internet sites.

Simply put, Rolution offer no guarantee on a secure cloud based storage service that is supposed to be ‘bulletproof‘.

Would I use The Vault to secure my data?

Not a chance.

And I imagine Rolution members are going to have a hard time marketing the Vault to anyone with half a brain who raises these very same queries before signing on the dotted line.

That of course leaves us with marketing just the business opportunity in itself and well… that just pretty much turns Rolution into an autoship recruitment game with access to the vault serving as a monthly minimum spend to keep the matrix commission payouts going.

Given Rolutions lack of technical specifications on The Vault and Anti-Theft Millennium encryption, I’m almost tempted to say Rolution themselves are encouraging this.

From Rolution’s standpoint, they’re merely offering cloud storage (5gb a month for $13), which they don’t guarantee as safe and don’t provide any technical specifications about their encryption system.

If Anti-Theft Millennium encryption was just a name Rolution made up, would we know any better?

If you’re serious about secure cloud storage I’d probably be looking elsewhere for a company that at least stands by their security. As far as Rolution goes, that pretty much only leaves the compensation plan to attract new members.

Given the steep numbers needed to start generating a decent turnover, overall I’d say the Rolution business opportunity is probably more of a headache to market than it’s worth.