The Body Shop is closing the UK and Australian divisions of its The Body Shop At Home MLM opportunity.

Yesterday The Body Shop informed distributors it had

made the difficult decision to close The Body Shop At Home in February 2024.

As BehindMLM understands it The Body Shop distributors had no prior notice. They found out at the same time their customers did.

The Body Shop closing its UK and Australian MLM operations follows the second closure of US operations a year ago.

Seeing as these were the only countries The Body Shop At Home operated in, closing the UK and Australia effectively terminates The Body Shop’s MLM operations.

One interesting difference between the US closure and the UK and Australia, is mention of an “Ambassador Programme”.

To continue our journey together, we’ve invited our UK Consultants to join The Body Shop Ambassador Programme, our new digital service – so Consultants can continue to share their deep knowledge and love of our products with you online – and you can still access our great products at great prices.

More on this very soon!

This is the first anyone is hearing of a The Body Shop Ambassador Programme, so it’s unclear as to what exactly it is.

If I had to guess the Ambassador Program sounds like a mobile-only affiliate program. This would likely be single-level commissions (i.e. you only get paid on personal sales), as closing the MLM opportunity only to relaunch something similar makes no sense.

If that’s the case, this would be a stripped down version of The Body Shop’s affiliate program offered in the US. “Digital only” is code for “cost cutting” and likely means support will be limited.

As per the announcement above though, The Body Shop themselves don’t appear to have finalized the program.

With the UK and Australia closing in February 2024, that gives The Body Shop a few weeks to reveal Ambassador Programme details.

Pending release of further information about The Body Shop’s Ambassador Programme, we’ll keep you posted.