telexfree-logoA brief update from TelexFree Trustee Stephen Darr today, regarding the status of the victims claim portal.

As per a filing by Darr on April 11th, he and his legal team have been working on the portal and electronic proof of claim (ePOC) with BMC Group since late January.

BMC has advised that it expects to be able to deliver a working prototype of the ePOC within the next ten days.

The Trustee and his advisors will then need to conduct tests and confirm that the prototype meets the specifications.

That testing is likely to require a similar period of time.

With allowance for adjustments, the Trustee projects that the ePOC and Portal will be up and running by early May 2016.

Once live, the court has ordered TelexFree affiliates be given “at least 90 days” to file a claim.