Summit77 launched in mid 2013 and are based out of the British Virgin Islands, a known tax-haven.

The company states on its website that it is headed up by CEO Will Williams and Director of Operations, Flynn McCarthy.


In his Summit77 executive bio, Williams (right) is credited as being

highly successful in all his business ventures, several of which include building homes, real estate and network marketing.

Will has won many awards with some of top companies as their top producer and enroller, but more importantly, established himself with the right people in the business.

Will has founded two internet opportunities, one is a penny auction company the other is an educational opportunity that shows people how to earn money from home. Both are still running today and are highly successful.

The educational opportunity appears to be On Fire Miracle, which appears to be a matrix based opportunity, requiring affiliates to fill several matrices with newly recruited affiliates (either directly or indirectly). Once a matrix is filled, On Fire Miracle pays out an affiliate between $60 to $6000, depending on what level matrix is filled.

Travel packages are made available to affiliates (membership is $10 a month), however this appears to be a secondary component of the business.

As for the penny auction business, why that is being described as successful I’m not sure.

Two years ago Williams was spruiking an upcoming penny auction called “Go Bid Online” on Youtube:


And here’s what the Go Bid Online website looks like today:


Unless I’m missing something obvious, how having Go Bid Online  “coming soon” for two years makes qualify it as an opportunity that is “still running today” and “highly successful” is a mystery.

Prior to On Fire Miracle and the never launched yet highly successful Go Bid Online, Williams was an affiliate of “2 Plus 7” (2009):


For $27 a month, 2 Plus 7 (now defunct) paid affiliates commissions on the recruitment of new affiliates. Affiliates were given access to various third-party discounts and coupon deals once they’d signed up.

Curiously the Summit77 website domain is registered to a “Ryan Churchill”, who appears to be a (master?) affiliate of the company:


The only further information I was able to find was an affiliate account for a Ryan Churchill over at TVI Express (“wonderful1”):


TVI Express being of course one of the longest running pyramid schemes the MLM industry has ever seen. I also found several instances of Churchill spam commenting what appears to be a side business he was running, allowing TVI Express members to trade (worthless) travel certificates between eachother (MLM Helpdesk and Corporate Frauds Watch).

Note at the time of publication I wasn’t able to bring up Churchill’s TVI affiliate website (or Google cache), hence the search results listing above.

No mention of Churchill is made anywhere on the Summit77 website, so other than his ownership of the company’s website domain and owning an affiliate account, what Churchill’s role is within the company is not clear.

Read on for a full review of the Summit77 MLM business opportunity.

The Summit77 Product Line

Summit77 has no retailable products or services. Affiliates join the company at either the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level and are only able to market the income opportunity itself.

Bundled with Summit77 affiliate membership is access to

  • a ‘library of educational digital products and movies. Master on-line marketing, blogging, social media, search engine optimization and much more!‘ (Bronze membership)
  • Summit 77 Hotel Card (Silver membership)
  • Summit 77 Condo and Summit 77 Cruise cards (Gold membership)
  • a Peak Marketing and auto responder system, Summit Cloud UNLIMITED computer back up software, and the Summit English as a Second Language Learning Series (Platinum membership)

The Summit77 Compensation Plan

The Summit77 compensation plan revolves around matrices attached to affiliate membership, with affiliates being paid to recruit new affiliates and “fill” their matrices (either directly or indirectly).

Bronze, Silver and Gold Affiliate Matrix Commissions

When a new Summit77 affiliate joins the company they are placed at the top of a 2×2 matrix.


A 2×2 matrix has six positions to fill, with positions filled via the direct recruitment of new affiliates or the recruiting efforts of an affiliates up and downlines.

Commissions are earnt on the second level of the matrix, with affiliates paid out $50 at the Bronze level.

At the Silver affiliate level the matrix structure used is the same, but instead of four payments on level 2, the first and fourth positions generate a new matrix position.

Thus at the Silver level 2 new Silver matrix positions are created and two payments of $200 are paid out once the second level of a Silver matrix is full.

The Gold affiliate level pays out the same as Silver (2 new matrix positions and 2 commissions), paying out $675 instead of $200 on the two commission positions on the second level once filled.

Platinum affiliate Matrix Commissions

Summit77 uses a 2×14 matrix to pay affiliates, with affiliates being required to fill positions in the matrix either via direct or indirect recruitment to get paid.

A 2×14 matrix starts with an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them (level 1).


In turn, these two positions branch out into another two positions (level 2) and so on and so forth down fourteen levels.

Commissions are paid for each Platinum affiliate in a matrix, with the affiliate who owns the matrix being paid $5 a month per affiliate in their matrix.

Note that a 2×14 matrix has a total of 32,766 positions, however Summit77 will only pay out on a maximum of 3,000 filled positions at any given time ($15,000 a month).

Joining Summit77

Affiliate membership to Summit77 is available in

  • Bronze – $50 upfront and then $15 a month
  • Silver – $250 upfront and then $15 a month
  • Gold – $750 upfront and then $15 a month
  • Platinum – $105 a month

I believe the $15 a month is once-off between the different affiliate levels, with the upfront payment only having to be made per affiliate level an affiliate wishes to participate in.


There are some serious legitimacy issues with the Summit77 compensation plan. For starters there’s no retail offering, meaning all money coming into the company is being sourced by affiliates paying monthly membership fees.

What is bundled with Summit77 affiliate membership is irrelevant, as it is affiliate membership that is being sold rather than what is bundled with it.

Compensation plan wise both tiers of matrix essentially operate as recruitment-driven pyramid schemes, with a constant flow of new affiliates being required to keep matrices cycling or generate monthly $5 payments.

Theoretically at the Platinum level commissions can continue to be paid out if recruitment stops and every affiliate continued to pay $105 a month, however this scenario is obviously unlikely.

If affiliates at the bottom of the pyramid matrix are unable to fill enough matrix spots to at least break even, they will simply stop paying their monthly fee which means those above them stop getting paid too. As this effect trickles up the company matrix, it eventually causes the scheme will collapse.

As for the matrix cycling at the other levels, without new recruits entering existing matrices, nobody cycles and the scheme stalls.

Looking at the similarities between 2 Plus 7, On Fire Miracle and now Summit77, putting two and two together it’s not hard to surmise that what we’re seeing here is the requirement of a new opportunity to be launched once the existing ones slow down recruitment wise.

Even at $15 a month affiliates in the lower levels still aren’t going to pay their monthly fees if no new members are being recruited into the scheme. Due to fallacy of there not being an unlimited pool of people to recruit into Summit77, like the two schemes before it Williams has been involved in, it too will slow down and then eventually collapse once the recruitment of new affiliates stops.