WaterMine was an MLM crypto Ponzi that collapsed in June 2021.

Two months later someone registered the domain “watermine.ltd”. Now they’re trying to reboot the Ponzi scheme.

The WaterMine reboot Ponzi website appears to have gone live on or around December 2021.

Like the original, WaterMine offers up a meaningless UK incorporation for WaterMine Corporation LTD.

The WaterMine logo has been changed but otherwise it’s the same “crypto mining” Ponzi grift.

We Mine with Best Mining algorithms. And best Team in the field monitoring the whole process and guiding you through the whole mining journey.

WaterMine promises investors up to 55% over 72 hours, with investment tiers spanning $20 to $1000.

The original WaterMine offered up to 2.6% a day for three months.

The MLM side of WaterMine appears to have been dropped. The company’s website doesn’t reference even single-level commissions.

As with WaterMine’s original Ponzi, once recruitment dries up it’ll collapse.

Also like the original WaterMine Ponzi, the majority of investors are guaranteed to lose money.