SkyGuard 360 – The revolution of wealth and security.

This mega opportunity is different than any business opportunity you’ve ever laid eyes on and is set to obliterate growth records of any other company of its kind.

– Skyguard 360 launch video

The Skyguard 360 MLM business opportunity launched earlier this year amidst a wave of marketing and advertising hype. SkyGuard 360 market home security products, a wireless home alarm system, 24/7 home monitoring and identity theft protection.

Despite having solid products however, as a business opportunity to generate income, SkyGuard 360 appears to fall flat on its face.

Skyguard 360’s product line

As a foreword it’s worth noting that you cannot purchase SkyGuard 360 products as a standalone. All three products are sold as a package and membership to SkyGuard 360 is compulsory.

There is no such thing as a retail customer in SkyGuard 360, every person who buys the home security package has the business opportunity open to them and the ability to earn commission on referrals.

SkyGuard 360 Wireless Security System

Skyguard’s flagship product is a wireless home security system. Included in the package are

  • 1 Main Control Panel w/9v Adapter
  • 2 Key Chain Remotes
  • 4 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 PIR Motion Sensor w/mount
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • 1 Mini Siren
  • 1 Yard Sign
  • 2 Window Stickers

Installation is apparently tool-less and the system is backed by a 12 month warranty on the main control panel, sensors, remotes and siren and 5 years warranty on the smoke detector.

The SkyGuard 360 wireless home security system has an upfront cost $249.97 and is sold as a package with Skyguard 360’s home monitoring and identity theft products. Skyguard 360 states there are no ongoing fees associated with the wireless system however the home monitoring and identity theft products cost $29.97 monthly.

SkyGuard 360 Home Monitoring

SkyGuard 360 provides a home monitoring product which covers 24/7 police, fire and medical response.

Unfortunately the home monitoring product is only offered to residents of the US. International customers can set their SkyGuard 360 wireless security system to dial 6 telephone numbers however this obviously isn’t as good as a monitoring service. If somebody breaks into your house and you’re home, your phone ringing isn’t going to do much.

The home monitoring service is included with the SkyGuard 360 monthly membership fee of $29.97.

SkyGuard 360 Identity Theft Protection

Skyguard 360 offers an identity theft protection product which aims to protect your identity, secure your credit, stop junkmail and provide you with free annual credit reports.

SkyGuard’s identity theft protection product is backed by a one million dollar guarantee. Additionally, SkyGuard claims their identity theft protection products will

  • require credit issuers to request authorisation by phone whenever anyone requests to open up a new credit account in your name
  • stop credit bureaus from selling your personal information to third parties
  • collect and mail to you your credit reports from three credit report agencies annually.

Unfortunately this product is not available to residents outside of the US.

SkyGuard 360’s identity theft protection product is bundled with the home monitoring service. For a $29.97 monthly membership fee you get two identity theft protection accounts.

The SkyGuard 360 compensation plan

Despite having seemingly solid products, the compensation plan is where, as a MLM business SkyGuard 360 really fails to deliver.

SkyGuard 360 appear to run an non cycling matrix model compensation plan. Members of SkyGuard are paid weekly commissions on a matrix that’s infinite levels wide and up to four levels deep.

Commission payouts are split between a once off recruitment or sales payout and then a residual commission for the life of the home monitoring and identity theft monthly subscription. This is paid out from your direct referrals and up to four levels within your organisation.

For a sale of the complete package of products (including compulsory SkyGuard 360 membership), SkyGuard 360 members earn a $40 commission.

For a direct referral to the business package only, a one time commission of $25 is paid.

Pass up sales

To encourage your upline to show an interest in your success, new members of SkyGuard must pass up their second and fourth sales to their direct upline.

After the fourth sale however you’re on your own and there’s little incentive to work as a team.

Residual income

Residual income in SkyGuard 360 is paid out up to four levels deep and has two components.

For a direct sale of the total package of products, SkyGuard members are paid $30 on your direct referral’s sales and $10 on your second and third level’s sales. This is a once off commission payment.

The second residual income commission is paid as long as those you directly refer and their referrals (up to four levels deep) maintain a monthly subscription to SkyGuard 360’s services.

Commissions on monthly subscriptions are as follows;

  • $5 for your direct referrals
  • $3 for your level two
  • $1 for your level three and four

The fine print

As you can see from the low numbers above, the commission payouts for SkyGuard 360 are extremely low. Sustaining a full time income off of $40 and less one time commissions and then $5-$1 monthly residual commissions is no easy task.

Furthermore the market for SkyGuard 360 is kind of limited. Despite not having the identity theft and home monitoring products available to them, international members of SkyGuard 360 must pay the exact same monthly subscription fee as their American counterparts.

Only being able to market the wireless home security system to international customers, thus cutting out the residual income on subscription fees hampers sale of SkyGuard 360 products internationally.

For international distributors of SkyGuard 360 it’s even worse, they have to pay the monthly fee just to retain any commission payouts they might receive. In turn all they get is a replicated website to market from and access to their backoffice.

Marketing wise it’s a bit of a worry that constant references are made to marketing SkyGuard 360 to your ‘family and friends‘. Everybody knows what it feels like to be marketed something by a family member or friend and it usually causes uncomfortableness.

Speaking of marketing though, SkyGuard 360 also have an interesting way of marketing their products. The company itself choose to handle advertising and sell ‘blocks’ for $100 a piece. The idea here being that SkyGuard 360 member’s band together in co-ops and purchase these blocks for greater exposure.

How effective or penetrable SkyGuard 360’s advertising is I can’t say but it’s an interesting tactic to get members to work together once the two sales commissions have been passed up.

How co-ops distribute leads from advertising however could be a problem. If it’s by sales numbers then new members might be left out and if it’s by equal rotation, the more successful members might feel the co-op is hindering rather then supporting their efforts.

Despite the welcome use of actual products, the SkyGuard 360 compensation plan really hinders this business opportunity. The number of SkyGuard 360 members needed for one person to make a viable income simply puts this opportunity out of reach of most people.

With the combination of low commission payouts and residual income and a limited market to mostly US customers, this is one business opportunity I’d probably give a miss.