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If you took the PocketChange MLM site’s opening sales pitch at face value, you’d be forgiven for getting all excited and thinking you’d just stumbled upon the next big thing in MLM.

Pity it’s nothing more than yet another recruitment driven opportunity attached to travel certificates. Read on for a full review of the PocketChange MLM opportunity.

The Company

PocketChange MLM appears to be run by ‘Daniel Arndt’ (photo right). Arndt also seems to run some kind of cleaning service called ‘Helping Hands Helping’ out of Ohio in the US.

You can see the link between the two companies over at the Helping Hands Helping website, where Arndt offers a discount on his cleaning services if you either signup for PocketChange MLM or spam the internet with fake reviews for his cleaning business.

PocketChange MLM seems to have launched in late October 2011.

The PocketChange MLM product

PocketChange MLM doesn’t actually have a product, instead the company offers members access to vacation certificates (as shown on the right, click to enlarge).

I’m not entirely sure who PocketChange MLM are partnered with, but the certificates seem to cost about ten cents (plus a $50 tax charge) and offer vacations at ‘5-Star Resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean‘.

Specifics aren’t mentioned but the example certificates provided by PocketChange MLM do reveal some interesting caveats;

  • All customers must take a one time, no obligation 90 minute introductory tour of one of the resort properties during their stay
  • All customers must either be a married or co-habitating couple aged between 30-65 with a combined income of $50,000 USD
  • Customers cannot attend a presentation at the same resort more than once during a 12 month period

The above criteria is set by the resort promotion company Pocket Change MLM have partnered with and is non-negotiable.

Interestingly enough, no mention of these criteria is made over at the PocketChange MLM website. Given the obligatory presentation attendance and mention of minimum income required in the packages, I’d guess this is some kind of timeshare marketing exercise where the promoting company tries to coax you into buying a timeshare at the resort you’re staying at or some such.

Regardless, it’s clear that PocketChange MLM are acting as nothing more than an affiliate in the program.

Presumably there’s also a limited number of resorts participating in the program, and with members being unable to stay in the same resort twice within a 12 month period, it’s unclear what happens then.

Finally Pocket Change MLM also mention that members can ‘easily sell (the vouchers) for $20 to $30 each and many certificates of much lesser quality sell for as much as $49‘.

This is most likely reflective of the certificates’ true market value.

The PocketChangeMLM Compensation Plan

As far as recruitment scams go, they don’t get much simpler than the PocketChange MLM compensation plan.

In a nutshell, each member pays $1.33 a month to participate in the program. As a PocketChange MLM member, each time you recruit a new member you get a $1 commission for off their first months membership.

The next month your upline gets the new members $1, and the next month their upline.

This process continues until twelve months of membership is achieved. At this point the twelfth generation upline from yourself permanently earns $1 a month from the member you recruited.

So how do you make money? Well basically you’re relying on each member you recruit to Pocket Change MLM to recruit twelve members, at which point you’re locked in to a $1 residual income from their monthly membership fee for life.

You will of course get month to month commissions as members your downline recruit under twelve levels pass up their $1 to you for one month as they progress towards twelve months of membership, but this isn’t locked in unless they’re twelve generations below you in your downline. And even then it takes a year for you to start earning that $1 every month.

Joining PocketChange MLM

Joining PocketChange MLM is a relatively straight forward affair, you signup for $1.33 a month and as long as you pay this subscription you get to participate in the program.


With the resort certificates completely detached from Pocket Change MLM’s compensation plan, it’s not hard to see how this is just a simple money game. You contribute $1 of your monthly membership fee to other member’s commissions and the Daniel Arndt keeps the additional 33 cents.

Oh, and he doesn’t call it Pocket Change MLM for nothing. To make just $100 a month guaranteed residual income you’d have to have 100 people 12 generations below you in your downline.

This equates to a minimum downline size of 1,200 people.

1,200 recruits to earn just $100 a month, and you have to wait 12 months just to see the income? Even as far as scams go, that’s pretty poor.

Even Daniel Arndt seems to have little faith in the newly launched program as notably he’s built the entire Pocket Change MLM website with free website host provider ‘Weebly’.

Combined with resort certificates that are unlikely to be purchased or redeemed by anyone… Pocket Change MLM is probably an opportunity you’re going to want to stay well clear of.