There is no information on the Passive Rev Share website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The company domain (‘’) was registered on the 10th September 2012, however the domain registration information is set to private.

Looking at the images directory of the website, there’s numerous marketing images promoting the website ‘’:

This website doesn’t exist anymore however the domain was registered back in 2009, indicating the scheme was initially launched back then.

A look through the ‘Wayback Machine’ reveals Rev Share Profits was an income opportunity that had something to do with advertising and pretending to be Google:

Claiming that ‘online advertising is about to change forever‘ and promising to ‘become the talk of the Internet for years to come‘ Rev Share Profits failed as an income opportunity and the website is long gone.

Putting two and two together, it appears after two years the Rev Share Profits admin is back and trying their luck with Passive Rev Share.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Passive Rev Share Product Line

Passive Rev Share has no retailable products or services. Instead, members join the company and make investments in $2 amounts.

Bundled with each investment are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on an inhouse ad network run on the Passive Rev Share Profits website.

The Passive Rev Share Compensation Plan

Claiming that their members ‘are 100% guaranteed to earn‘, Passive Rev Share takes $2 investments from members and guarantees a 162% ROI with investments maturing at $3.25.

There is no time limit on when this will happen. Money wise the ROIs paid out to existing members come from new investments made by new and existing members:

Every time an ad position is sold, the revenue is shared with The Next 60 in line positions!

Although this sounds as if the money will be paid on future investment ROIs, it is infact talking about the previous 60 investments made by members.

Thus everytime a new investment is made, the money is split up evenly between the last 60 ROIs owed with ROIs expiring once $3.25 has been paid out.

Referral commissions are also paid out investments made by members recruited. Passive Rev Share use a unilevel commission structure for this and pay out on three levels:

  • members directly recruited (level 1): 6% of the amount invested
  • members recruited by level 1 members (level 2): 5% of the amount invested
  • members recruited by level 2 members (level 3): 4% of the amount invested

Joining Passive Rev Share

Membership to Passive Rev Share is free, however members must make an investment if they wish to earn any money.


With no products been sold to customers, money being invested with the expectation of a guaranteed 162% ROI and all returns paid out being sourced from new investments made by members, Passive Rev Share in about an obvious Ponzi scheme as you can get.

Despite the company making claims like

Every Time An Ad position is Sold, a percentage of the generated Revenue is Shared With The Next In Line positions!

This way every Ad position cycles on time. This is how everyone will make money here, no one will be left out.

as with all Ponzi schemes, once the new investments stop being made there’s no money to pay off existing ROIs owed and the entire scheme collapses,  leaving those who invested last holding the bag.