PartyLite has announced it is “transitioning” away from its MLM model.

In its place PartyLite will sell directly to consumers, cutting their MLM distributors off from downline commissions.

In a message posted on its website, PartyLite describes leaving the MLM industry as an “evolution”.

This evolution is not just a shift in strategy, but a testament to our brand’s adaptability, and its dedication in delighting customers with thoughtfully curated products for the next half-century and beyond.

In a February 1st press-release issued by parent company Luminex Home Decor & Fragrance, PartyLite also claimed its decision was a response to “adapting consumer changes”.

As part of PartyLite’s direct to consumer model, set to launch on March 1st, distributors will be able to continue promoting the business as “Brand Ambassadors”.

Our DTC marketing strategy centers on a program that leverages the enthusiasm and support of current PartyLite Affiliates while appealing to curated Brand Ambassadors as advocates with generous incentives for their support in sharing PartyLite.

Although details haven’t been made public, I believe this will be a typical single-level commission model. As opposed to earning on personal and downline sales activity, a single-level commission model only pays on personal sales.

BehindMLM reviewed PartyLite in 2021. At the time we noted PartyLite had just transitioned from a fully-fledged MLM business model to what we labelled “MLM lite”.

While we weren’t impressed with PartyLite being a “faceless corporation”, we did appreciate the no-nonsense compensation plan.

Of note is then Luminex CEO Scott Meader having left the company since our PartyLite review was published.

In January 2023, Luminex announced Lori Gonzales (right) as the company’s new CEO.

While it’s assumed Gonzales is also CEO of PartyLite, PartyLite itself doesn’t disclose any separate corporate structure (hence “faceless corporation” syndrome).

PartyLite markets a range of candles and fragrances manufactured in the US. The closure of PartyLite’s MLM operations marks the end of fifty years in North America.

PartyLite claims MLM operations in Europe will continue… for now.