Plaintiffs in the OneCoin class-action have been given until April 16th to explain why their case shouldn’t be dismissed.

The OneCoin victim class-action was filed last May. Since then the case has been bogged down with service issues, prompting a stay order issued last August.

Since that order was issued, several defendants have been dismissed from the case due to service issues.

As part of the August stay order, Plaintiffs Donald Berdeaux and Christine Grablis were ordered to inform the court once all active defendants had been served.

In an April 10th order Judge Caproni noted that hadn’t happened. As per the order, Plaintiffs have been given until April 16th to

show cause (as to) why this case should not be dismissed with prejudice for failure to prosecute.

Given the overall lack of action regarding service of defendants, I’d be surprised if a response was filed.

And if Plaintiffs do file a response, whether it’d be enough to convince Judge Caproni to allow the case to continue.


Update 2nd May 2020 – On May 1st the court ordered the stay on proceedings be lifted.