NewULife claim that Georgia Hargett (also identified as “Georgia Balsley” in the complaint), signed up as a NewULife affiliate (IMC) around fifteen months ago.

Over the last twelve months, Hargett has purportedly began slagging off NewULife to other affiliates.

In private messages sent to fellow NewULife affiliate Kim O’Brien, Hargett is alleged to have stated;

The bottom line is they are crooks and manipulators.

I am do [sic] feel sorry for you and your team. It is alot [sic] to digest.”

In another message referencing NewULife, Hargett told O’Brien;

I know but we are speaking of a group of people who lie and are deceptive.

NewULife doesn’t elaborate on the reason behind Hargett’s private messages to O’Brien.

Other messages sent by Hargett are about NewULife’s Somaderm product.

In a series of messages between herself and Bob Walters, Hargett stated;

“There is another gel user who has recently died.”

“The gal that had that was 40 with the very aggressive lung and liver cancer died this morning.”

When Bob Walters asked Hargett what the cause of the lung cancer was, Hargett responded, “she was a gel user.”

NewULife cite the above private conversation as evidence Hargett implied NewULife’s Somaderm gel was the cause of death.

Hargett also stated to Bob Walters, “NewULife shuts people down and takes their money with notice or any type of communication.”

A similar private exchange took place between Hargett and NewULife affiliate Carolyn Stone.

Hargett then stated, in reference to NewULife’s personnel and its products, “Your [sic] asking professionals who truly do not know herbology and the fact the inactive ingredients ARE active.”

When Carolyn Stone then asked, “The inactive ingredients in the gel are?” … Hargett responded, “yes per Alex.”

“Alex stated the inactive ingredients are powerful if not more powerful than the active ingredients.

That statement means they are active ingredients.

That is what is causing the hormonal shifts and bleeding.”

Hargett’s concerns about NewULife’s Somaderm gel product eventually saw her resign as a NewULife affiliate.

The exact date of Hargett’s resignation isn’t provided, only that it occurred sometime “within the last twelve months”.

The following excerpt of Hargett’s resignation letter is included in NewULife’s complaint as follows;

As a Naturopath and leader with the company, people began to reach out with stories of serious health concerns.

I am not saying that Somaderm hgh gel was the cause of these issue [sic].

However, I knew that I could no longer use or promote the use of Somaderm HGH gel due to the overwhelming number of health concerns – approximately 100 maybe more were brought to my attention over the last few months.

A troubling observation was that many of the health concerns were repeated issues specific to the female population!”

NewULife argue that Hargett’s private messages are defamatory and false. The company also alleges Hargett made the statements intentionally and with malicious intent to damage NewULife.

As a result of Hargett’s messages, the company claims to have suffered in excess of $100,000 to their reputation.

In addition to $100,000 plus in damages, NewULife are also seeking an injunction to prevent Hargett further discussing the company in public or private.

A few thoughts…

Firstly NewULife’s appear to be arguing defamation on the basis Hargett’s ‘statements about plaintiffs cannot be proven true‘.

There’s no discrepancy that Hargett made the statements, but isn’t the onus on NewULife to provide evidence to the contrary?

I appreciate Hargett might hold the belief that Somaderm is linked to cancer and/or “repeated issues specific to the female population”, but if that’s based on her personal experience and that of “approximately 100” cases, how is that truth in and of itself defamatory?

And by truth I don’t mean complaints = Somaderm is linked to cancer, but rather that negative side effects of Somaderm users have been observed and reported.

I mean if Hargett truly has over a hundred documented health concerns from Somaderm users, surely all she’d have to do is present them in court?

If anything NewULife should be counting their lucky stars these cases haven’t been documented and written up.

Secondly the bulk of NewULife’s complaint deals with private messages.

The only content Hargett published publicly was her resignation message, which categorically disassociates Somaderm from observed “health issues”.

Furthermore if the reason Hargett resigned was reported health issues from Somaderm users, it’s not defamatory to publicly state so.

As to the private messages, NewULife cites their Policies and Procedures – which state;

Complaints and concerns about New U Life and/or its products should be directed to the Customer Service Department.

IMCs must not disparage, demean, or make negative remarks to third parties or other IMCs about New U Life, its owners, officers, directors, management, other New U Life IMCs, New U Life’s products, the marketing and compensation plan, or New U Life’s directors, officers, or employees.

It appears NewULife are arguing Hargett’s private conversations are defamatory, because their Policies and Procedures prohibit affiliates from “making negative remarks to third parties”.

What NewULife’s Policies and Procedures fail to take into account is maliciousness, intent and the truth of said remarks.

The notion that a breach of an MLM company’s Policies and Procedures equates to defamation in and of itself is absurd.

By all means terminate affiliates who breach Policies and Procedures, but going after them for defamation on the basis the Policies and Procedures were breached alone?

Yeah, I doubt that’d fly in court.

Having read through the complaint, at no point do NewULife provide evidence to support that Hargett knew the statements she was making were false, or that they were made with malicious intent.

NewULife’s lawsuit essentially boils down to, “Hargett breached our policies and procedures by raising concerns about management and our products, so uh defamation.”

If anything I think Hargett’s conduct proves the opposite of malicious intent.

Hargett’s concerns were kept private between individuals she knew through the business and was presumably in regular contact with at the time.

The one statement she issued publicly simply observed health concerns among Somaderm users.

Here is Georgia Balsey’s resignation message, as originally published (I believe towards the end of 2018);

Hello everyone,

Let me start by saying I’m sorry that you haven’t heard much from me publicly.

Here are the facts regarding my resignation from NewULife.

I understand that the word in the field is that I was terminated! I assure – that is not the case!

I resigned and unfortunately corporate has NOT acknowledged my resignation, nor has my resignation been released to the field.

In fact, I am yet to receive any notice from corporate as to the termination of my account.

I am sure you are wondering why I resigned. As many of you know, I am a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor and also a Master Herbalist.

When I began with the company, I was assured the products were supported by studies that supported it’s [sic] safe and effective use.

These documents were to be released pending patent and trademark.

I had been made aware that there in fact is no patent pending nor is there research or studies showing the use of Somaderm HGH gel’s safety or efficiacy.

Early on it was wonderful to hear people’s success stories, as well to create my own.

As time passed, these stories were not the only ones that came to my attention.

As a Naturopath and leader with the company, people began to reach out with stories of serious health concerns.

I am not saying that Somaderm hgh gel was the cause of these issue [sic].

However, I knew that I could no longer use or promote the use of Somaderm HGH gel due to the overwhelming number of health concerns — approximately 100 maybe more were brought to my attention over the last few months.

A troubling observation was that many of the health concerns were repeated issues specific to the female population!

I felt the obligation to step back and find answers in which there seems to be no resolution, even with risking the loss of my significant income…

Those who know me, understand that I have a great moral and ethical compass.

I apologize to each and every one of you that followed me, listened to my talks and have reached out with questions.

I want you to know that I share what I know as I have great respect for each of you.

I would like to put the rumor mill to rest of where I have gone and why.

I have grown fond of so many of you and the decision to walk away was not one that I took lightly, knowing there is not any research or white papers to support the safety and efficacy of this product.

I was not and will never will [sic] put profits or financial gain before people.

I am very grateful for the chance to meet such amazing individuals. I want to thank each of you for your friendship and value each one of you.

During this holiday season let us all remember how valuable we are to one another. I wish you each many blessings!

I invite anyone if you have any questions to reach out to me directly.

Withing you all a wonderful holiday season.


Georgia Balsley, ND

If the Somaderm health concerns are widespread to the point there are one hundred documented examples, I think any reasonable person would disassociate themselves and at the very least think about warning others.

That affiliates are left to deal with raised health concerns themselves and leave the company over them, suggests NewULife itself isn’t doing enough to address them.

Personally I think getting to the bottom of raised health concerns is more important, but here we are with NewULife instead playing the victim over $100,000+ in perceived damages.

To date I’m not aware of NewULife addressing raised Somaderm user health concerns publicly, or how they handle potential health issues raised internally by affiliates.

Since her NewULife resignation Hargett has begun promoting Amare Global, a nutritional supplement MLM company.

Note however that unlike a lot of MLM leaders, Hargett doesn’t appear to have mixed promotion of Amare Global with her leaving NewULife.

A copy of NewULife’s complaint was made public by MLM attorney Kevin Thompson, who I believe is assisting Hargett in the matter.

Of NewULife’s conduct, Thompson stated it “was pathetic”.

It’s pitiful. In this industry, dealing with criticism is par for the course. When a company is this aggressive towards “defenseless” consumers, it’s a signal of weakness and massive anxiety.

In some cases, it might be warranted. Here, it’s not in my opinion.

There’s also ANOTHER LAWSUIT where the person was sued mainly for a COMMENT made on a BehindMLM post.

This is a pitiful strategy to silence critics.

I’m aware of the referenced lawsuit above but have not myself seen the complaint (the comments mentioned are part of the dialogue under our NewULife review).