One of the problems with running an MLM company that pays out commissions from affiliate membership fees, is the constant requirement of affiliate recruitment to ensure those who joined recently get paid.

On the value side of things, with the attached product or service having little to nothing to do with the compensation plan or how affiliates are paid, there’s little in the way a company can do to increase the commissions paid out to affiliates.

As demonstrated by MyFunLife, pretty much the only thing a company can do, short of scrapping their recruitment-driven compensation plan, is to start charging affiliates more money.

Announced as coming into effect on October 1st, MyFunLife recently sent out an email to affiliates, explaining that

with such tight margins on our $21 Membership product, it didn’t previously seem possible to increase the income in the Compensation Plan.

By simply raising the cost of the Membership from $21 to just $25, only a $4 dollar increase, it could make over an $800 per month difference in your first 6 levels!

MyFunLife claim the affiliate membership cost increase has been implemented ‘at the request of leaders’ and after several such leaders came ‘to us over the last couple of months with nearly the exact same requests‘.

MyFunLife don’t clarify what those requests were, but they appear to be requests to squeeze more money out of those recruited into the scheme.

Abolishing the 25 cent commission MyFunLife previously paid out over levels 3 to 6 of their matrix, the company now pays a minimum $1 per affiliate recruited:

  • Levels 1 to 6 pay out $1 per affiliate per month
  • Level 7 pays out $2 per affiliate per month and
  • Levels 8 to 10 pay out $1 per affiliate per month

In announcing and implementing the change, MyFunLife confirm that it is the money affiliates pump into the scheme themselves that dictates the amount of money the company pays out in commissions.

Rather than focus on a retail offering and provide a product or service of value to non-participants of the MyFunLife income opportunity, the company has instead seemingly acted on advice of its “leaders” (those who have the largest amount of affiliates under them).

While MyFunLife’s compensation plan changes might be great for those who have recruited the largest amount of affiliates (either directly or indirectly), ultimately all it translates into is a larger amount of money shuffling its way up the company each moth.

Participants in the scheme now have to cough up more so those at the top can earn more.

Despite having no retailable product of their own and 100% of MyFunLife’s revenue being sourced from its affiliates, participants like Rick Weston are busy running around the internet and reassuring everyone that

MyFunLIFE has been reviewed by TOP MLM Attorneys and is 100% compliant with all laws and regs.

Meanwhile what happens when MyFunLife’s leaders start complaining that their downlines have begun to shrink because those at the bottom of the scheme have decided $25 a month is too much, remains to be seen.