Last month My Advertising Pays filed a lawsuit against payment processor VX Gateway.

According to My Advertising Pays, VX Gateway, Celia Dunlop and Timothy Mackay stole $59.6 million, money that My Advertising Pays in turn stole from affiliates through Ponzi fraud.

The case is making its way through the legal system, with both parties currently engaged in discovery.

As part of their discovery in VX Gateway, My Advertising Pays’ US lawyers are deposing both Celia Dunlop and Timothy Mackay

Dunlop’s deposition was held yesterday on January 20th. When asked by My Advertising Pays’ lawyers to provide her home address, Dunlop refused.

Ms. Dunlop’s counsel instructed her to not disclose her home address.

Ms. Dunlop’s counsel objected due to security concerns and agreed to provide in camera Ms. Dunlop’s home address to the Court.

The security┬áconcerns Dunlop’s lawyers had were not disclosed.

My Advertising Pays’ lawyers also asked Dunlop why VS Gateway doesn’t have a bank account in Panama.

VX Gateway was incorporated in Panama. The company went into voluntary liquidation late last year.

Dunlop’s lawyers again advised her not to answer the question this time based on relevance.

Seeking answers to their questions, My Advertising Pay’s lawyers wrote a letter to Judge Atlas asking for a ruling.

Later that day Judge Atlas ruled Dunlop was required to

identify the country in which she lives and, if she lives in the United States, she must identify the state in which she lives.

Dunlop’s lawyers’ objection to the bank account question was sustained.