Hanli Lombard’s MulaUp cycler Ponzi scheme has collapsed for a fourth time.

As per a recent newsletter sent out to investors, a fifth “MulaUp Mobile” reboot is planned.

BehindMLM reviewed the fourth MulaUp reboot in August 2022.

At the time the scam was operating from “mulaup.com”, which has since had its website hosting suspended.

As per a November 15th investor update;

As of 3-months ago, MulaUP has practically come to a standstill. Our numbers remain consistent and our members eagerly await a solution.

This whole time, it looked like the Mula team was doing nothing about it. We have been quiet and in the dark and well hidden behind the scenes.

The MulaUp cycler Ponzis have thus far primarily targeted South Africans. With MulaUp Mobile, Lombard (right) and her accomplices hope to expand the scam globally.

MulaUP Mobile is going to be live and operating in 200 [sic] worldwide!! MulaUP is going live worldwide!!

Despite the promise to South African MulaUp victims that they’ll be able to defraud consumers globally, MulaUp Mobile’s compensation plan is still in ZAR:

You can still earn up to R1,600 through using your Level 1 products:

Mula-4-Chat – earn 10c for every message you send

Mula-4-Dial – earn 10c for every minute you call someone

Mula-4-Money – earn R1 for every transaction over R100

Mula-4-Share – earn R5 for every person who clicks on your Mula-4-Share link

You will be capped to R1,600 earnings per month. So, you can use the products as much as you like, but once your earnings reach R1,600, you will no longer receive earnings until the next month starts.

Originally Lombard had hoped to launch MulaUp Mobile at a local South African sports event.

The best news…. we will be having our official MulaUP Mobile launch at the MAP Games this year.

The MAP Games is a soccer tournaments that happens every year. This event typically sees 1.8 million people every year.

MulaUP and MulaUP Mobile is going to be the official sponser [sic] of the MAP Games this year!!

The MAP Games is running from the 2nd of November to the 16th of December. During this time, we will have scouts at the Games telling people about MulaUP.

I assume once they realized their event was to be the staging ground for Ponzi recruitment MAP Games pulled the plug.

Here’s the cover story Lombard came up with on November 8th;

We had an investor who agreed to help support us so we could do the MAP Games, among other things.

Due to a great delay and technical issues, there was a problem in receiving said funds. As a result, we are no longer able to do the MAP Games.

The launch of MulaUP Mobile has also been delayed by a little bit. But we promise that it isn’t going to go away!

That was followed up with a November 10th MulaUp marketing campaign targeted at children:

Remember that the Kids Special is ending tomorrow night at 12am. Get your children under 18 in with the once-off R200 special while the special lasts!!

Total MulaUp victim losses remain unknown. One MulaUp investor newsletter suggests over 7000 South Africans have been defrauded.

A source suggests that individual investors have lost up to 350,000 ZAR a pop:

There are also members who paid exesive amounts for “nats and nodes” in mula for you (Example R350 000).

People were told that refunds will be done end september 2022 and again it was extended to end oct, but still no payouts.

In addition to Lombard, MulaUp ringleaders helping run and promote the Ponzi are Cormari Nel,  Monica Fourie, Michaela Fourie and Brieta Senekal.

To date South African authorities have taken no action against MulaUp, Hanli Lombard or her co-conspirators.