How long before I can start earning money?

You can start earning as soon as you start promoting… and refer new members through your affiliate link.

The above, taken from MTKline’s FAQ page, sets off alarm bells almost immediately and should be enough to send most MLM marketers running for the hills.

For those of you who want to know more, read on for a full review of the MTKline MLM opportunity.

The Company

MTKline appears to be running out Brazil under the leadership of Flavio Dallabrida (photo right). Note that this could very well an alias as ‘Douglas Darlan Massuda Dallabrida’ is listed as the contact person under the domain registration for MTKline.

Dallabrida appears to have been involved in similar matrix based advertising MLMs in the past including ‘OneDollarRiches’ ‘LaunchEasyMoney’ and ‘PTCline’.

Whilst Dallabrida appears to have been merely a member in the first two opportunities, he seems to be the admin of the third. You’ll note that the name is similar to ‘MTKline’, indicating this is Dallabrida’s second attempt at a matrix based advertising MLM.

The MTKline Product Line

MTKline don’t have any actual tangible products, but upon paying for your membership the company does provide access to an internal ad rotation network.

Each member of MTKline is able to place three text ads which are then shown to MTKline members and visitors whenever the site is accessed.

Additionally the company also provides access to ‘digital product downloads’ (software, site scripts, graphic design and e-books). MTKline claim all downloads offered by them have ‘private label rights, resale rights, and master resale rights’ meaning their members are free to resell the works offered themselves.

The MTKline Compensation Plan

At the heart of the MTKline compensation plan is a simple 3×8 matrix. Starting with you at the top, this matrix branches out into 3 legs, with each of those legs branching out into an additional three legs up to eight levels deep.

As you begin to grow your MTKline business, it should start to look something like this;

MTKline pay just the one commission, and it’s directly tied into how many members you bring into MTKline and which level of your matrix they are placed.

Here’s a breakdown of the commissions on offer for each level of the matrix;

Level 1: 3 positions @ $2.35 each ($7.05 total)

Level 2: 9 positions @ 0.30c each ($2.70 total)

Level 3: 27 positions @ 0.25c each ($6.75 total)

Level 4: 81 positions @ 0.25c each ($20.25 total)

Level 5: 243 positions @ 0.25c each ($60.75 total)

Level 6: 729 positions @ 0.30c each ($218.70 total)

Level 7: 2187 positions @ 0.40c each ($874.80 total)

Level 8: 6561 positions @ $1.85 each ($12,137.85 total)

Note there appears to be an error on the MTKline website as they state that Level 8 only pays out $7557.45.

I’m not too sure what’s going on there but it appears either MTKline have either made a calculation mistake, or they take a $4580.40 cut out of your level 8 matrix commissions.

Joining MTKline

Joining MTKline is a simple membership purchase of $5 which is a monthly recurring subscription to the business.


The MTKline MLM opportunity is pretty much summed up by the company itself in its own terms and conditions;

Do I have to refer anyone to make money?

Yes. To make the system work for you, please focus on referring others and not depending on your upline for spill over.

There’s no product to sell in MTKline and you’re only paid a commission on the recruitment of others.

One of the key elements of succesful advertising is exposure, and clearly the MTKline advertising network lacks this. All MTKline does is show members’ ads to other members and from the looks of it, this is being used to spruik other shady looking MLM opportunities.

And as for MTKline’s digital downloads… they’re so useless that the company doesn’t even bother to use them as a selling point on its own website. The only reason they are offered is a shallow attempt to offer some sort of legitimacy to the opportunity itself, which is really what is being sold here.

Access to the MTKline matrix and the ability to earn a commission off other people’s membership fees and monthly subscriptions.

With the inclusion of monthly membership fees, money is continuously injected into the system to keep it going, but with level one paying out just $2.35 a member, the entire system relies on new members recruiting a minimum of three new members themselves (at which point they break even and enter profit).

Not sustainable in the slightest guys and once new memberships dry up, with no consumable product this is just another scam waiting to fall flat on its face.