money-ad-packs-logoThe Money Ad Packs website FAQ states: is an exciting website for your advertising. is NOT an investment program. Please do NOT treat it as such.

Yet the front page of the website clearly informs visitors that

Receive 150% profit on your funds IN 30 days.

All of our plans have a potential payout of 150% ROI.

So which is it, an investment scheme or a ‘website for your advertising’?

Read on for a full review of the Money Ad Packs MLM opportunity.

The Company

Not surprisingly, there is no information on the Money Ad Packs website about who owns or runs the opportunity.

The Money Ad Packs domain ( was registered on the 14th February 2012 however the registration information is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Money Ad Packs Product Line

Money Ad Packs the company allows visitors to purchase advertising credits, however the company’s members have no product or service to market themselves.

Advertising credits are instead bundled with each investment made by Money Ad Packs members.

These ad credits are used to display advertising on an in-house advertising network run on the Money Ad Packs website itself.

The Money Ad Packs Compensation Plan

Money Ad Packs offer their members three investment schemes –

  • 2.5% ROI for 60 days
  • 2.3 ROI for 50 days
  • 5% ROI for 30 days

All plans offer a total 150 ROI with investments required to be made in $10 allotments.

Bundled with each investment are 5000 ad credits.

Additionally Money Ad Packs also pay out referral commissions based on the money invested by directly recruited members (paid down 2 levels).

Level 1 pays out a 10% commission and Level 2 pays out 5%.

Joining Money Ad Packs

Membership to Money Ad Packs is free however an investment must be made in order to participate in the compensation plan and earn a commission.

Free members can earn enough to invest themselves but this still requires indirect investment via the investing of money by the members they recruit (and any members recruited by those they’ve recruited).


You could make the argument that by the company offering an advertising purchase without joining the company or participating in the compensation plan, that this is what is sustaining the investment returns Money Ad Packs guarantees.

Looking at the advertising network itself however, it’s an in-house system that only displays ads on the Money Ad Packs website.

Given that the only visitors to the site will be members and potential members to the investment scheme, it’s not really going to attract any third-party advertisers as there’s simply no value in the demographic the network targets.

Nobody will view the ads on the Money Ad Packs website out of genuine interest, they’re just there for the investment scheme.

Thus it’s clear to see that by and large the investment returns Money Ad Packs guarantees on existing investments is being funded by new investment money being injected into the system.

Despite claiming to be a ‘website for advertising’, with advertising having nothing to do with the compensation plan or payouts, ¬†it’s clear that the sole purpose of the Money Ad Packs opportunity is to facilitate the running of a Ponzi scheme amongst the site’s members.

This is further evidenced by Money Ad Packs’ refund policy:

Once you have made your purchase, you are allocated with advertising credits which you can use straight away.

As such, no refund will be offered as you already have the benefit of your purchases.

Advertising credits aren’t actually used until they are spent on advertising. As such one would think that if members were actually purchasing advertising credits, if unused the company would be happy to offer a refund.

Of course with Money Ad Packs being an investment scheme they can’t do this. The money you invest is used to pay out returns on existing investments and if people start demanding refunds, the investment scheme falls apart.

Investment schemes like Money Ad Packs are never sustainable and once the new investments dry up so will the guaranteed returns. Money Ad Packs themselves acknowledge this and state in their FAQ that reserves the right to add additional daily plans and/or restructure the terms of the current rebate plans without any notice.

Expect the “guaranteed” returns advertised to shrink (if not bottom out at 0% altogether “without notice” when the admin does a runner), as the payouts Money Ad Packs owes grows whilst the new money being invested shrinks.