There is no information on the MobPoint website indicating who runs or owns the business.

The domain ‘’ however was registered on the 9th March 2012 and lists a ‘Saroukhan Minasyan’ as the domain owner, operating out of the state of Arizona in the US.

Earlier this year in January, using the same email address to register the MobPoint domain, Minasyan published a wanted ad, requesting someone write a blog for him to promote Clickbank products he was trying to sell as an affiliate:

Ultimately nobody took up the position and it expired.

The MobPoint Product Line

MobPoint don’t have any retailable products or services, but instead package a series of marketing tools along with company membership. As long as MobPoint members maintain their company membership, they retain access to the company’s offered marketing tools.

As for the marketing tools themselves, with the exception of the email responder, they all revolve around the recruitment of new members.

Raffling off positions in the compensation plan, MobPoint provide members with access to find these positions (SpotPoint) and then purchase entry tickets (MobPoint HotSpot) for a chance to win the positions as a prize.

The virtual assistant offered appears to be an automation tool designed to allow members to purchase new positions in the MobPoint compensation plan as required.

The MobPoint Compensation Plan

The MobPoint compensation plan offers unilevel and binary commissions, both revolving around the recruitment of new members.

Unilevel Commissions

A unilevel commissions structure places you at the top, with any new members you recruit being placed directly underneath you and forming your level 1. If and of your level 1 members in turn recruit new members these form your level 2 members and so on and so forth.

Using this unilevel compensation structure, MobPoint pay out a percentage commission on the membership fees paid by members in your unilevel team down four levels:

  • Level 1 – 40%
  • Levels 2 to 4 – 15%

Binary Commissions

A Binary commissions structure again places you at the top but instead of every new members you recruit being placed directly underneath you, your level 1 is capped at two positions.

In turn these two positions branch out into another two and so on and so forth. Using this binary structure, MobPoint pay out a commission based on the amount of pairs a member has, matched up on the left and right sides (the original two legs branching out from the top position form the left and right teams).

In MobPoint, a pair is defined as two filled positions under another single position. Using this idea, MobPoint pay out pairing commissions of $3 each capped at 10 pairs per “head” (binary team).

Once a “head” reaches its 10 pair cap, a new head position must be bought. There is no limit on the amount of heads a MobPoint member may purchase from the company.

Once a head earns $240 for the member that owns it, the pairing commission is dropped to $1.50 and the binary is renamed a “house”.

House commissions start off at $1.50 a pair but can be increased (affecting every house binary owned) by 20 cents per new member recruited (in any binary) by the owning member.

HotSpot Bonus

This one’s a little bit confusing but as far as I can see involves a bunch of raffles for new head positions (new binaries).

I’m not sure how the system creates hotspots but the basic idea seems to be members bid on these spots and if they win they are placed at the top of a binary and everyone else who participated in the auction is placed under them.

Tallying up the money spent on the raffle, BidPoint also pay back 10% of the bid pool back to the raffle winner.

Winning a raffle appears to be simply a matter of placing a $10 bid, with the winner ultimately decided by random generation. Members are capped at placing 20 bids per HotSpot raffle.

Joining BidPoint

Membership to BidPoint $10 a month with participation in the company HotSpot raffles costing extra.


Whereas MLM membership + marketing bundles usually focus on broad marketing training, MobPoint’s bundled products are exclusively geared towards the recruitment of new members specific to the opportunity itself.

Pretty much you join MobPoint and then through the collective recruiting efforts of the company you draw a commission on the membership fees of those participating.

Or as MobPoint put it,

as long as people in your group keep on referring new members, you will continue to receive substantial commissions.

Any opportunity that relies on the constant recruitment of new members for a cash injection into the company is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. By design, once new members stop joining then the commissions stop too.

Completely unsustainable in the long run and only really beneficial to those who bring in lots of new members to the company.