The Mayo Trade Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Last week Mayo Trade’s website was updated to reveal “MT 2.0”:

The primary change is withdrawals have been disabled for 90 days.

As per Mayo Trade’s “MT 2.0” message;

All your previous earnings (including ROI + Referral + Binary + Capital Return + Other Bonuses) will be credited into a new CR wallet which will be added to your dashboard.

NOTE: You can either withdraw funds from CR wallet after 90 days or you can use them to make new investments to continue earning daily profits.

It’s expected that after one, possibly two 90 day delay windows, Mayo Trade will pull its website offline and disappear.

Any restriction of withdrawals is one of the first signs an MLM Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

As reviewed here on BehindMLM, Mayo Trade is a Dubai Boris CEO Ponzi scheme launched in mid 2022.

Following its collapse, Mayo Trade has locked down its social media profiles.

Given Dubai is the MLM crime capital of the world, it is unlikely the scammers behind Mayo Trade will face any repercussions.

SimilarWeb tracked a gradual decline in Mayo Trade website traffic over the past few months.

In November 2022, Mayo Trade website visits were pegged at ~148,000. By January 2023 that had dropped to ~105,000.

Top sources of Mayo Trade website traffic are Vietnam (36%), the UAE (35%) and New Zealand (13%).

Total Mayo Trade victim numbers and how much has been lost remains unclear.