In an abrupt announcement on their Australian website, Mary Kay has advised they are closing their Australian and New Zealand businesses.

As of March 5th, Mary Kay advises it has closed operations in Australia and New Zealand.

The company cites “market conditions” in both countries, in which it states it ‘does not see a sustainable future‘.

Exact sales figures for both markets are unknown, although one can safely assume Mary Kay in Australia and New Zealand must have been in decline.

Although Mary Kay states distributor were ‘informed of the closures in advance of the wider market‘, although turns out this might have been less than 24 hours notice.

Just shy of a day ago, one Mary Kay distributor on the AntiMLM reddit stated she

didn’t see this coming. It was business as usual with promotions, new product, conference qualifications etc.

The distributor’s upline purportedly also didn’t know, and took the announcement hard in a “crying and distraught” Facebook live.

My Director had no idea. It was very sudden.

From the looks of her during the live, she wouldn’t have been able to play it off if it was a secret only the higher ups had known about for a while beforehand…

Three hours earlier, the distributor had posted about a new recruitment.

Mary Kay’s Australia and New Zealand social media profiles have been deleted. I only found one comment in reference to the closure on their global Facebook profile.

Mary Kay affiliates who want to return products to the company have until April 6th to do so, subject to the company’s return policy.

Apparently Mary Kay has removed access to distributor backoffices though, so recording return inventory might be challenging.