Securities fraud Jimmy Bennett started with Manifest FX continues with Simply Success.

Simply Success operates from the website domain “”, privately registered in April 2022.

The current website appears to have gone live on or around January 2023. It’s difficult to pin down a specific date, as Simply Success hides their website from crawlers:

I came across the Manifest spinoff after a reader was pitched on it and got in contact.

In addition to hiding their website, Simply Success fails to provide ownership or executive information on their website.

We can ascertain those details however through the following in Simply Success’ website footer;

Simply Success brand is owned and operated by Simply Success Academy Ltd (Company number 13783790).

This corresponds to the UK company Simply Success Academy, incorporated in December 2021 by Jimmy Bennett.

Bennett, a UK national hiding out in Dubai, has a history of securities fraud dating back to at least 2015.

BehindMLM first came across Bennett in 2022 through Manifest FX.

Today Manifest continues on as just Manifest, operating through the domain “”.

SimilarWeb tracked negligible website traffic to Manifest’s website over the past few months. This is likely behind rebrand spinoffs like Simply Success.

The nominated fall guy for Simply Success is Louis Skalski.

Skalski appears to be a long-time partner in crime of Bennett’s.

As to Simply Success’ securities fraud, the company pitches passive 6 month returns of 287% on its website:

A minimum $10,000 investment via bank transfer or cryptocurrency is required, with AI trading through an undisclosed broker purportedly being the source of ROI revenue.

Our software analyses, adapts & adjusts to market conditions to allow for a more strategic & profitable automated trading.

Through the power of artificial intelligence, our software is directly competing with top-tier bank trading systems.

Neither Simply Success, Manifest, Jimmy Bennett or Louis Skalski are registered with the FCA.

Notwithstanding the FCA being one of the most ineffective securities regulators on the planet, Simply Success’ failure to register its passive investment opportunity constitutes securities fraud.


Update 8th June 2023 – Simply Success collapsed in May 2023. It has been rebooted as The Latest Wave.


Update 10th February 2024 – BehindMLM published an updated Manifest review on February 9th, 2024.