makemoneyonlineMLM-logoWe’ve seen quite a lot of MLM opportunities come out over the past year or so that revolve around a small e-book library.

The basic idea is that for either a one time or monthly membership fee, members of the opportunity gain access to a library of e-books. The usual deal is that these e-books promise training and coaching on how to promote and market the MLM opportunity to others, but in the fast paced world of internet marketing, are usually wildly out of date and mostly useless.

Seeking to push this MLM business niche to the limit comes MakeMoneyOnlineMLM. MakeMoneyOnlineMLM claim to offer members an ‘online library of 1000s of eBooks’ with a compensation plan that pays out $40,950.

The big question of course is are MakeMoneyOnlineMLM paying out a commission on the library or do they, like most opportunities in this niche, just pay out commissions upon the recruitment of new members?

Read on for a full review of MakeMoneyOnlineMLM.

The Company

MakeMoneyOnlineMLM was founded by Ranish Senanayaka who is apparently operating out of London. Note that MakeMoneyOnlineMLM operate off makemoneyonlinemlm.NET and not the .com, which appears to be an unrelated blog.

MakeMoneyOnlineMLM appears to be Senanayaka’s first MLM venture and the company is set to launch on January 1st, 2012.

The MakeMoneyOnlineMLM Product

MakeMoneyOnlineMLM offers members access to an eBook library the company claims currently has ‘over 1000 eBooks on various subjects‘ with plans to ‘upload over 100,000 more eBooks‘ in the future.

The eBooks are offered through sister site (also owned by Senanayaka) and appear to be Private Label Rights titles as MakeMoneyOnlineMLM claim that members can

sell our eBooks on your own sites (You keep 100% Commissions).

This indicates that once membership is paid to MakeMoneyOnlineMLM, members then acquire the resell rights to any eBook downloaded from eBooksDownloadLibrary.

The MakeMoneyOnlineMLM Compensation Plan

The MakeMoneyOnlineMLM compensation plan revolves around a 2×12 matrix that houses 8,190 members.

Note that this figure is incorrectly stated on the MakeMoneyOnlineMLM website,

once you have total of 4096 members in you down line, the matrix becomes full.

4096 is the number of members that fill up the 12th level only, not the entire matrix. The entire MakeMoneyOnlineMLM matrix houses 8,190 members.

A 2×12 matrix sprouts two legs from under you, which then sprout another two legs of their own  and so on and so forth down twelve levels. Starting with you at the top, as you begin to fill your 2×12 MakeMoneyOnlineMLM matrix, the first few levels will start to look something like this;

Commissions are paid monthly depending on how many MakeMoneyOnlineMLM members you have in your matrix. MakeMoneyOnlineMLM pay out $5 per member in your matrix per month.

Your matrix can be filled in by spillover from your upline (members they recruit) and MakeMoneyOnlineMLM additionally also offer a $5 recruitment commission for each member you refer to the opportunity.

Joining MakeMoneyOnlineMLM

Membership to MakeMoneyOnlineMLM is $74.99 and is good for five years.


Simple mathematics tells us that paying out a $5 monthly commission on a 5 year $74.99 membership fee just doesn’t add up so I have my serious doubt about the long-term sustainability of MakeMoneyOnlineMLM.

Although they haven’t launched yet, the company appears to hope to make up the difference with the retail side of things over at sister site. That in my mind is a huge gamble and is only going to get more unstable each month MakeMoneyOnlineMLM is in business and the required commission payouts increase.

If the retail sales of ebooks by the company and new membership fees  don’t match the commission payout increase, the entire MakeMoneyOnlineMLM opportunity will collapse.

This seems like a rather large gamble to take considering has only been in business a few months, being registered on the 26th September 2011.

Senanayaka appears to be running through the company ‘RSUK Trading’ (as mentioned on the ebooksdownloadlibrary website), and RSUK Trading itself was only registered on the 2nd September, 2011.

As big of a red flag as all that is though, the much bigger problem MakeMoneyOnlineMLM faces is the fact that, although the company offers retail sales via, its members don’t. Members are of course free to resell the eBooks they download from the library and compete directly with the company, but this isn’t part of the MakeMoneyOnlineMLM compensation plan.

As far as a business opportunity goes, MakeMoneyOnlineMLM is only paying out commissions based on the recruitment of new members into the company.

Or as the company itself puts it;

Anyone can become a monthly paying member to access all the books  and the beauty is that all the monthly paying members can get paid from other members who joined after them.

As a business might be legal, but the MLM opportunity side of things with MakeMoneyOnlineMLM is definitely questionable.

With $74.99 clearly not covering commissions over the five years of membership offered, there’s a big question mark over the financial sustainability of MakeMoneyOnlineMLM over the long-term.

And if you add to the fact that MakeMoneyOnlineMLM members are solely being paid commissions based on how many people are recruited into the company, that places an even bigger legal question mark over the company.

That, and I wonder if Jessica Alba knows that she appears to be endorsing the MakeMoneyOnlineMLM opportunity by appearing on the company’s website header?

All things considered, MakeMoneyOnlineMLM is probably an opportunity you’re going to want to avoid, or at the very least approach with extreme caution.