Magnus Capital Center has advised affiliates withdrawal requests have been suspended.

Rest assured the company is committed to updating monopoly money backoffice amounts but.

Magnus Capital Center emerged late last year. The scheme promised a 240% annual passive return, purportedly via a trading bot.

Naturally no evidence of the bot existed, nor did Magnus Capital Center register itself in any jurisdiction it solicited investment in.

Despite completely ignoring regulations and operating illegally, Magnus Capital Center is blaming regulation for its collapse.

In a post published on Magnus Capital Center’s official Facebook page earlier today, the company wrote;

We are a commercial company selling softwares and there is no financial license required to sell our products.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the point of the view of the different regulation bodies, who reject the fact that we are not an investment company and demand that we get registered as an investment company.

It’s easy to understand that the company didn’t had any other choice but to abide by the authorities’ requirements.

We are in the process of applying for a Financial License and are expecting to get a favorable response in the next 3-6 months.

Tellingly, Magnus Capital Center does not state what jurisdiction they have purportedly applied for a license in.

Registering with financial regulators and providing legally required disclosures to your investors and public is as simple as filing documents.

It’s something any legitimate company offering a passive investment opportunity does before they start soliciting investment.

During this period of time, it won’t be possible to make a withdrawal, deposits or purchase a license.

The profit sharing will continue until the license expire and we will be able to withdraw once we get our financial license.

The good news is that the internal transfers remain active and we will introduce a new product that will revolutionize the forex market industry.

In order to keep affiliate investors from filing complaints, Magnus Capital Center will continue to update monopoly money backoffice balances.

Hell, suckers will even be able to transfer their imaginary money to one another. What service!

Magnus Capital Center’s 3 to 6 month timeline suggests an asset freeze, likely by a bank or financial institution.

This would be probable, except for the fact the company has also announced an immediate reload scam.

Our new product will be available from Monday onwards for all our members.

You will just need to purchase a membership, open an account with our partner broker and deposit a minimum of $1000 and let the robot make profit for you.

As you will be able to keep your funds into your own broker account, our members will be able to make even more profits, up to 300% ROI per year.

Taking a step back for a minute, Magnus Capital Center claims it’s operating illegally, is trying to register itself in one jurisdiction, states that will take three to six months… but in the meantime is providing another illegal investment opportunity for their affiliates to lose money in?


It should be pretty obvious that all that’s happened is Magnus Capital Center has collapsed, and the admins are now hoping for round two with a “new” bullshit business model.

300% up from 240% a year at $1000 a pop. Who’s in?