Longrich has taken an unusual route to market its pyramid scheme in Ghana.

Promoted locally through PWG-GH, Longrich plans to hold a “Marketing Queen” beauty pageant.

Longrich claims it expects over 200 females to enter its pageant. As per a “sponsored” December 20th puff-piece on GhanaWeb;

The pageant aims to create public awareness on network marketing opportunities which the youth can explore for wealth creation.

The contestants will be given network marketing-related challenges weekly to perform, and the winners will be rewarded weekly, with the top 10 finalists going into the grand finale TV reality show.

The ultimate winner takes home a Honda saloon car, while the other finalists get various business start-up packages.

Longrich is an MLM company that purportedly operates asĀ  Jiansu Longliqi Bioscience in China.

BehindMLM reviewed Longrich in January 2021, identifying the MLM opportunity as a “classic product-based pyramid scheme.”

Under this model new recruits sign up and purchase products. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

Within the MLM opportunity, nothing is marketed to or sold to retail customers.

Ironically, PWG-GH claims their pageant “requires the contestants to exhibit their intelligence in various fields”.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest MLM due-diligence isn’t one of those fields.

Ghana it seems can’t catch a break when it comes to MLM scams. After years of immigration fraud, hostage recruitment kidnapping and human trafficking, the QNet pyramid scheme was only recently ordered to vacate Ghana.

Granted a recruitment campaign dressed up as a beauty pageant is preferable to what QNet got up to, it’s still a shame to see Ghana’s youth being targeted by scammers.