Limitless Worldwide was founded in early 2013 with the company claiming to be “powered by” another company, “Basic Resarch”.

On their website, Basic Research provide background information on the company:

For almost two decades we’ve been distributing innovative formulations that address the specific needs of consumers – from weight loss to bodybuilding, anti-aging, joint health, skin care, cosmetics, and more.

You can find our products at Wal-Mart, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Sephora, GNC, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s… and over 40,000 individual retail outlets worldwide.

Steve and Melyn Campbell are named on the Limitless Worldwide website, with the company claiming to have been “introduced” to the pair:

Basic was introduced to Steve and Melyn Campbell, who both have decades of experience in the network marketing industry, and the Limitless partnership was born.

There’s no official management or owner(s) named on the Limitless website but a marketing video credits Steve Campbell as co-founder of the company:


Melyn Campbell later appears in the same video, also being credited as a co-founder:


On the Limitless Worldwide website Steve and Melyn Campbell claim to

have over 20 years of experience and proven success in building and training distributor forces.

MLM history wise they were the master-distributors of Exfuze (“multi-botanical” drinks) between 2007-2010.

In April 2011 they c0-launched a partnership named Cyrano Partners that sought to sell AeroGrow International products (indoor gardening products) via an MLM business model.

After Cyrano failied to raise the capital to fund the joint-venture however (a condition of the partnership agreement), the partnership and MLM company was terminated in August 2011.

Putting two and two together, Limitless Worldwide appears to have been set up to market Basic Research’s product line via an MLM style compensation plan and business model.

Read on for a full review of the Limitless Worldwide MLM business opportunity.

The Limitless Worldwide Product Line

Limitless Worldwide market a series of products from Basic Research.

These products are broken down into three main categories: Timeless (personal care), Effortless (weight loss and nutrition) and Ageless (anti-ageing).

  • Timeless –  cleanser ($37), night serum ($64), stem-cell skincare ($69), estrodyne complex (hormones for women, $55), prostate formula ($40), deep-cleansing shampoo ($24), re-moisturizing conditioner ($24) and a testosterone supplement ($55)
  • Effortless – diet kit ($139), appetite control and fat burner ($73), cellular oxygen improver ($44) and a meal replacement shake ($123)
  • Ageless – Spark (increased “energy and alertness”, $64), Human Growth Hormone Liquid shot ($67), Human Growth Hormone capsules ($99) and Stride (joint formula, $69)

The Limitless Worldwide Compensation Plan

Limitless claim their “Tribrid Overlay” compensation plan is “patent pending”, offering a unique three tiered commission structure, tied into volume points generated by product sales.

Core Volume Commissions

The first 50 Personal Volume (PV) points a customer or recruited distributor generates in Limitless Worldwide is referred to as “core volume”.

Using a unilevel compensation structure, Limitless Worldwide pay out a commission on the Core Volume PV generated by recruited affiliates and customers.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of the structure, with personally recruited affiliates and customers placed directly under them (level 1). If any of these level 1 affiliates (customers cannot recruit) go on to recruit new affiliates of their own, these new affiliates are then placed on level 2 of the original affiliates unilevel structure.


If any affiliates on level 2 recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth. Using this unilevel compensation structure, Limitless Worldwide pay out a percentage commission on any customers and affiliates who generate Core Volume (50 PV via a product order).

How much of a commission is paid out depends on what level of the unilevel compensation structure an affiliate or customer falls on:

  • Level 1 – 15% (up to 37% on customer orders)
  • Levels 2 and 3 – 10%
  • Levels 4 to 6 – 5%

Portal Volume Commissions

Upon an affiliate generating at least 100 PV in each of the three Limitless Worldwide product categories (Timeless, Effortless and Ageless, with each one being treated independently of the other), an affiliate qualifies for Portal Volume commissions.

This is paid out at a rate of 15% of the additional volume an affiliate generates beyond the initial 50 Core Volume, and 15% on the first 100 volume points generated by their personally recruited affiliates over their Core Volume.

An additional 10% is paid out on the earnings beyond level 2 until another Xecutive ranked affilite is found.

Note that an affiliate must qualify with 100 PV in all three product categories in order to earn Portal Volume Commissions on all three categories (referred to as “portals”, hence the commission name).

Portal Pools

Again using the three product categories (portals), Limitless Worldwide take 30% of the volume generated in each category and pay it out to qualifying affiliates via the Portal Pools.

In order to qualify for a Portal Pool payout, an affiliate must qualify as an Xecutive affiliate (100 Portal PV and 1000 unilevel level 1 GV (excluding Core Volume)).

The Portal Pools payout is made in two steps, the first is an affiliate is paid out via generations, with an Xecutive affiliate in any one unilevel leg defining a generation they are paid out on.

If an Xecutive falls on level 4 of a unilevel leg, the affiliates on the first three levels and the Xecutive affiliate form the first generation of that leg.  When another Xecutive qualified affiliate is found, any affiliates between the first and second then qualify as the second generation.

In this manner, Limitless Worldwide pay out an initial 30% volume bonus on all volume generated other than Core Volume (50 PV). For one generation this would equate to a 30% payout on all volume generated in that generation.

With 2 unilevel generations the payout would be 15% (30 divided by 2), 3 generations 10% and so on and so forth down a maximum of seven generations.

30% of any remaining commissionable volume (levels an affiliate doesn’t qualify for but still generates sales volume on) is put into a pool and, as I understand it, redistributed amongst Portal Pool qualified affiliates.

This “breakage” volume is distributed amongst affiliates, according to how many recruited affiliates they have in the various generations that exist in their unilevel structure. The more affiliates they have in their unilevel, sorted into generations, the higher their cut of the 30% breakage amount will be (again, as I understand it).

Basically every percentage payout of an affiliate that falls within a payable generation is increased equally until the entire 30% of Portal volume is paid out across all three categories.

Joining Limitless Worldwide

I was unable to find any information on the Limitless Worldwide website indicating what it costs to sign up as an affiliate with the company.

When attempting to sign up myself, the company demanded I enter in a recruiting affiliate and personal details before it would reveal the cost of affiliate membership.


When I first started going over the Limitless Worldwide compensation plan I initially thought capping payouts on the first 150 PV generated was quite low.

Once I got my head around the Portal Pools though things became a bit clearer on how the rest of the volume was paid out.

Note that Limitless Worldwide compensation plan isn’t presented all that clearly on the website and could do with a rewrite. It’s not completely impossible to understand but will probably take some head scratching and revisions before it starts to make sense.

One interesting twist I thought was the whole three layers of products carrying over in the compensation plan. Again initially I thought it wasn’t a smart idea to force people to qualify three times over but then, at least for the first 150 PV generated an affiliate would only be getting paid on volume for any given category anyway. It’s not like they’re missing out on anything.

Later on with the Portal Pools the 30% company wide volume comes into play and that’s where not qualifying in each of the respective categories will matter. By that stage though it’s not unreasonable to suggest that an affiliate be generating 100 PV in addition to their core volume in each of the three product categories.

In effect the two second and third stages of the compensation plan sort of lead into eachother.

One possible downside to consider might be the temptation to “push” a certain product category onto a customer, just to hit that 100 PV target. Just a reminder that if an affiliate was looking to the long-term than this approach wouldn’t be the smartest approach to category volume qualification (let the customers decide what they want).

Another thing I liked in the Portal Pools was the thirty percent not qualified for via generations being redistributed amongst affiliates as a whole. Usually these commissions an affiliate doesn’t qualify are kept by the company but here the are shared out. I thought it was a nice touch.

All in all Limitless Worldwide have a solid retailable product line backed by a large product manufacturer, Basic Research. Basic Research do appear to have a large retail arm of their business though so it might be worth tracking down what they sell through their other retail partners and comparing.

If a comparison reveals superiority in Limitless Worldwide’s offering, that would be a great marketing point for affiliates when marketing the products to customers.

Finally I think it might be of benefit for Limitless Worldwide and Basic Research to disclose the full extent of their business relationship (at least to the extent that it might affect affiliates).

Noting what happened between Cyrano and AeroGrow International, it seems that the company was shutdown abruptly after the partnership fell apart. A repeat due to any clauses that might exist between the Basic Research and Limitless Worldwide partnership agreement would be a shame to see again.

Disclosing the cost to be an affiliate wouldn’t hurt either. Despite the analysis above if the affiliate membership fee is unreasonably high, that might put a dent on the otherwise

Other than that, once you get your head around the Limitless Worldwide compensation plan there’s a lot to like with the company’s offering. Steve and Melyn Campbell have had some misses but overall appear to have a long-standing involvement in the MLM industry at both the corporate and affiliate level, which naturally serves as a plus for Limitless Worldwide.

Good luck!