The last few months haven’t been good for Kairos Technologies.

Back in September thirty odd leaders of the Ponzi scheme were arrested in Belarus.

In November Kairos Technologies had to suspend affiliate withdrawals, following the launch of a criminal investigation in Hungary.

Now the cash-strapped scam has announced plans to offer affiliates shares…

For those unfamiliar with the scheme, Kairos Technologies solicits investments of up to $2777 on the promise of an annual $6942.50 ROI.

The ROI is paid out of subsequently invested funds, requiring Kairos to source a constant stream of new affiliates to invest.

In an affiliate update dated December 30th, Kairos Technologies announced plans to set up a shell company to launder affiliate funds through.

A new managing company will be introduced together with current shareholders and founders within the next stage, in January 2017.

“Top leaders” of Kairos Technologies will be offered shares in the shell company, with the aim of raising revenue to pay off Kairos Technologies investors.

Whether the shares offered will be real or virtual is unclear.

TOP-Leaders beginning with a Senior Master and higher career levels will be able to become shareholders at the stage of the managing company registration.

All Participants with a Senior Master and higher career levels will have to apply for receiving shares of newly created company.

In related news, Kairos Technologies has resumed processing affiliate withdrawals. The company appears to have found a new processor, with a payment card planned for release in 2017.

With regulators in Europe closing in, whether Kairos’ plans to fend off a collapse pay off remains to be seen.