Three IM Mastery Academy promoters in Poland have been charged with promoting a pyramid scheme.

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), filed charges after issuing an IM Mastery Academy fraud warning in July 2022.

In an August 30th communication, UOKiK President Tomasz Chróstny announced charges against Grzegorz Baryla, Franciszek Rumak and Łukasz Spórna.

Chróstny claims the trio, in spite of UOKiK’s warning, continued to promote “IM.Academy, (a) project pretending to sell educational packages in the field of finance and e-commerce.”

This company is known to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection for the proceedings conducted since July 2022 regarding the establishment and promotion of a pyramid-type promotional system.

Under Polish law, UOKiK has the power to fine promoters of MLM pyramid schemes 10% of ill-gotten gains.

IM Mastery Academy is a US MLM company. BehindMLM’s IM Mastery Academy review cited both pyramid and securities fraud concerns.

While we do know the FTC are investigating IM Mastery Academy, there have been no further updates since May 2023.