As of November 8th the dispute between iGalen and product supplier ATM Metabolics has been resolved.

As a result of the settlement, iGalen lost access to ATM Metabolics’ Emulin product.

Prior to the settlement iGalen’s website went offline. As at the time of publication, visitors to iGalen’s website domain are shown a 404 “not found” error message.

A year ago iGalen filed a lawsuit against ATM Metabolics. The suit pertained to an exclusivity clause, which iGalen claimed was breached after ATM Metabolics began supplying Valentus with Emulin.

Details of the settlement have not been made public, other than iGalen losing access to Emulin.

As I write this neither iGalen or ATM Metabolics have informed the court of their settlement.

Web assets previously used to market iGalen appear to have since been repurposed to push Bitreen, a neem based supplement.

Details of who is behind Bitreen have not been publicly disclosed.

In any event, it appears iGalen wasn’t viable without access to Emulin. Whether or not Bitreen is a fully-fledged reboot MLM opportunity is unclear.


Update 20th February 2020 – A motion to dismiss was filed on December 16th, bringing the case to a close via confidential settlement.


Update 15th October 2020 – Bitreen appears to have been dropped. iGalen has been rebooted for a second time as Health Therapies.