In December 2017, Josip Heit incorporated the shell company GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG.

An August 31st filing with the Dusseldorf District Court in Germany gives us a peek into the shell companies behind GSPartners.

To better mask the GSPartners Ponzi scheme, Heit renamed GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG to GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG.

The filing reveals that on April 26th, Heit moved GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG from Hambrg to Dusseldorf.

The provided corporate address belongs to Regus who, among other things, sell virtual office addresses.

GSB Gold Standard Corporation’s stated share capital is $8.9 million EUR.

Curiously there’s no mention of GSPartners’ MLM operations or G999 Ponzi scheme.

Instead, Heit tells the Dusseldorf District Court that GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG is involved in

The manufacture, import, export and distribution of chemical products, plastics, pesticides, chalk and fillers, dyes, pharmaceutical and other products as well as rare metals and Gold.

How strange.

Heit’s filing also reveals that GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG is tied to

the financing of domestic and foreign companies of the Gazella Corporate Capital Group.

Gazella Corporate Capital Group is another shell company owned by Heit.

German authorities unfortunately continue to let Heit operate his GSPartners Ponzi scheme through multiple German shell companies.

To date no action has been taken by BaFin, Germany’s top financial regulator.