There is no information on the Global Wealth Factor website indicating who owns or runs the business.

On the ‘About’ section of the company website, Global Wealth Factor merely state that:

The foundation of Global Wealth Factor are the attributes of Empowerment, Integrity, and Results. The Admin Team highly reflects these values with tenacious dedication.

You have 3 highly responsive admin member’s, and a host of administrative support and leadership in place.

Global Wealth Factor, behind the scenes, benefits from the combined 20+ years of networking and administrative experience.

No further information is provided as to who these three admins are so that they’re claimed accomplishments and track record can be verified.

The domain ‘’ was registered on the 19th January 2012 and simply lists ‘Global Wealth Factor’, operating out of a PO Box in the US state of Pennsylvania as the domain owner.

The technical contact for the domain however lists a ‘Chad Warrren’. A few Google searches later I found Warren, along with Karen Kinnaman and Kyle Nichols (left to right in the photo below) as the three admins of Global Wealth Factor:

Karen Kinnaman has partnered with Secret Stash Factory Admin Kyle Nichols and Chad Warren and the dynamic threesome have created something truly spectacular to present to the online marketing community.

Kinnaman owns and runs the blog ‘A True Profit’ (, where the above information was sourced.

Other than a whole lot of personal promotion and professing that he’s ‘never quite grasped the marketing side of things‘ on his blog ‘’, I was unable to find anything suggesting what companies Warren has previously been involved in.

Meanwhile Karen Kinnaman seems to have been involved in mostly recruitment based opportunities dating back to as far back as 2005. MLM Opportunities Kinnaman has previously promoted are

  • ROI Unlimited (recruitment scam)
  • GVO (membership based commissions from memory but genuine services offered)
  • Pyxism (matrix based recruitment scam)
  • Infinity 800 (matrix based recruitment scam)

Kinnaman also claims to have been involved in “legal cash gifting” on her social network profiles (just “cash gifting” on LinkedIn):

Kyle Nichols seems to be known best as being the creator of ‘Extreme Cash Coaching’, a membership-based pyramid scheme that was launched in 2009 and appears to have collapsed in the same year (if the recent payouts data on the homepage is anything to go by).

In the same year Nichols also launched “You Can’t Say No”, a <$50 recruitment based scheme which also collapsed shortly after launch.

Following that Nichols launched ‘Secret Stash Factory’ in 2010,  yet another recruitment based opportunity that paid out 100% of its commissions from membership fees.

Curiously enough Nichols also seems to also have a history as a baseball player.

The Global Wealth Factor Product Line

In the “products” section of their website, Global Wealth Factor claim to have ‘step by step tutorial videos, (an) MP3 audio library, powerful software downloads and (a) personal development library‘ as products, however none of these are purchaseable.

Instead, members of Global Wealth Factor are only able to sell membership to the company itself, with which access to the above services is presumably included.

The Global Wealth Factor Compensation Plan

Global Wealth Factor use what they call a “reverse 2-up” compensation structure.

Whereas in a standard 2-up compensation structure a new member’s first two sales commissions are passed up to their upline (the person who recruited them), in a reverse 2-up structure the second and fourth sales are passed up.

After these second and fourth sales are passed up, all commissions generated by the recruitment of new members (membership fees) are retained by the recruiting member and are not passed up.

In turn, the second and fourth sales of anyone recruited (who wasn’t passed up as a second and fourth qualifying sale), must also be passed up and count as a direct sale to the member they are being passed up to.

Eg. You recruit A who counts as a direct commission sale for you. ‘A’ then has to pass up their second and fourth sales, C and D. C and D are counted as your direct sales, even though you didn’t recruit them.

In turn, C and D also must pass up their second and fourth sales to you, and so on and so forth as long as new members are being recruited.

Commissions earnt on the sale of Global Wealth Factor memberships depends on the membership level being purchased:

  • GWF Professional Level membership – $25 a month
  • GWF Gold Level membership – $50 a month
  • GWF Diamond Level membership – $150 a month
  • GWF Platinum Level membership – $425 a month
  • GWF Elite Level membership – $1350 a month

Joining Global Wealth Factor

There are five membership options to consider when joining Global Wealth Factor:

  • GWF Professional Level membership – $25 a month
  • GWF Gold Level membership – $50 a month
  • GWF Diamond Level membership – $150 a month
  • GWF Platinum Level membership – $425 a month
  • GWF Elite Level membership – $1350 a month

Global Wealth Factor do not specify any difference between these membership levels, other than the commissions paid out on the sale of one (100% of the membership price is paid out as a commission).


There are two key points that are of importance when analysing the Global Wealth Factor compensation plan.

The first is that 100% of the membership fees paid by new and existing members are paid out as monthly commissions. With no products being sold (membership is not a valid product in MLM), this equates to cash gifting between members.

New members join Global Wealth Factor for a set price and effectively gift 100% of their signup and ongoing monthly membership fees to the person who recruited them (or their upline if they’re their upline’s second or fourth membership sale).

The second is that 100% of the commissions paid out in Global Wealth Factor are derived from membership fees, meaning that the only way for new members to earn any money is to recruit new members themselves.

With a 100% reliance on new members, the entire thing collapsed once people stop recruiting.

Looking at the history of the three founders of Global Wealth Factor, it appears all they’ve done is combine what they’ve previously been involved in to form a text-book definition of a Pyramid scheme combined with cash gifting between members.

Sooner or later those at the bottom will fail to recruit new members and stop paying membership themselves. This means their uplines won’t earn anything on their membership fees anymore so they too quit and so on and so forth right up to the three admins, who have no doubt placed themselves right at the top of this pyramid scheme (with 100% commissions being paid out, Global Wealth Factor itself as a company doesn’t make any money).