Futurion Finance has collapsed.

The Ponzi scheme’s website is down as of a few days ago. Futurion Finance’s social media channels have also been pulled.

Futurion Finance was headed up by co-founder and CEO Michel Courtine.

Courtine is based out of France but also regularly travels to Dubai.

Futurion Finance represented it was based out of Dubai, the MLM scam capital of the world.

In addition to fronting MLM crypto Ponzi schemes, Courtine is also an “ambassador” for the Russian UMI shitcoin investment scheme.

In the wake of Futurion Finance’s collapse, UMI still appears to be chugging along.

As per BehindMLM’s Futurion Finance review, the Ponzi scheme solicited investment on the promise of a 250% ROI.

As part of its marketing pitch, Futurion Finance announced a “Futurama” NFT factory.

At the time of publication the Futurama website was also down.

Alexa traffic estimates suggest the majority of Futurion Finance’s victims are in Vietnam (36%) and the Ukraine (14%).