As of a few hours ago, Forrise has collapsed. The company’s website has been pulled offline although social media channels are still up.

Instead of admitting Forrise was a Ponzi scheme that ran out of money, the scheme’s owners have come up with a “DDOS hacked” exit-scam.

Forrise’s website went down twelve hours ago, which the company explained was the result of a DDOS attack.

Whilst simultaneously urging their investors to “not panic”, Forrise’s anonymous admins’ exit-scam was well underway.

Six hours after the initial announcement, Forrise advised it was closing.

Dear partners, we regret to inform you all a sad news!

After the ddos attacked today, forrise limited will be closing its doors for good, due to the massive damage in our database, we will no longer continue.

The announcement makes no sense, as DDOS attacks have nothing to do with databases. And even the smallest companies’ websites are routinely backed up.

As part of their exit-scam, Forrise are asking gullible affiliates to contact them about getting their initial investment back.

The catch is Forrise are charging a 10% fee, which after paying you’ll of course never hear from the admins ever again.

While Forrise is believed to operate out of Eastern Europe, the majority of the company’s investors are from the US (Alexa).