A lawsuit filed back in February accuses top Exp Realty Agents of ” drugging and sexual assault of women”. Exp Realty and founder Glenn Sanford are also under fire.

Through Exp Realty, described in the lawsuit as a “pyramid-style scheme”, Sanford is accused of

creating an environment that allowed these assaults, then silencing those whose accounts of sexual harassment and assault would impact profit.

Exp Realty, as reviewed on BehindMLM in 2021, is a “real-estate MLM with lots of fees”.

The three Exp Realty Agent defendants are named in the lawsuit are:

  • Michael Bjorkman (right), a California resident who joined Exp Realty in 2018;
  • David S. Golden, a Nevada resident and upline of Bjorkman who joined Exp Realty in 2017; and
  • Brent Gove, a California resident and Exp Realty Agent

Note that while the original Complaint was filed in February, this article is based on an Amended Complaint filed on March 23rd.

The lawsuit opens by detailing Michael Bjorkman’s prior arrest for sexual assault of one of the anonymous Plaintiffs.

On March 8, 2021, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN was arrested in Miami-Dade County for two (2) counts of sexual assault of JANE DOE 3.

In conjunction with that arrest, the Las Vegas Police Department issued a Declaration of Warrant/Summons, Event Number 200900070704 (“Warrant”), a 27-page report, which lays out its in-depth criminal investigation describing multiple occasions of multiple women being drugged and assaulted by DEFENDANT BJORKMAN while attending eXp REALTY Recruiting Events.

As described in the Warrant, there is a long history of multiple women accusing DEFENDANT BJORKMAN of both drugging and sexually assaulting women dating back to 2000.

The case against Bjorkman was dismissed a few months later in May.

One of Bjorkman’s victims detailed in the warrant, an assault dating back to 2007, joined Exp Realty in 2018.

Shortly after joining eXp REALTY, she ran into DEFENDANT BJORKMAN at eXpCon in New Orleans in October 2018.

Seeing DEFENDANT BJORKMAN associated with the same company she just joined as a real estate agent caused this agent to suffer extreme emotional distress.

Bjorkman’s victim first contacted her upline, Frank Crandall, and then Exp Realty’s “designated California Broker”, Debbie Penny.

Ms. Penny never replied to this agent’s attempts to contact her. Frustrated with the lack of support, this agent left eXp Realty.

Bjorkman’s warrant goes on to detail claims of Bjorkman contacting his victims, and ““threatening” them not to say anything.”

Upon learning of Bjorkman’s alleged conduct, Exp Realty removed his company license

but continued to allow him to go to eXp events, continued to socialize with him and continued to pay him substantial amounts of money each month because he was a top Influencer.

Bjorkman left Exp Realty in September 2020, but allegedly still has a compensation position in Exp Realty’s “revenue share program”.

Within Exp Realty, Plaintiff victims of Bjorkman’s were placed within his downline.

Exp Realty explicitly denied requests from Plaintiff victims to “move (down)lines, forcing them to financially support their rapist.”

David S. Golden is alleged to still be an active Exp Realty Agent.

DEFENDANT GOLDEN is one of DEFENDANT eXp REALTY’s top recruiters/Influencers and generates the majority of his income not from selling real estate but by recruiting real estate agents to join DEFENDANT eXp REALTY.

Details of the cited case aren’t provided but allegedly,

Multiple women informed the Las Vegas Police Investigator that they personally saw DEFENDANT GOLDEN with GHB4 and other illicit substances on multiple occasions, and they believe those substances supplied by DEFENDANT GOLDEN were used to drug them so that they could be sexually assaulted at DEFENDANT eXp REALTY Recruitment Events.

Many of these women also informed the Las Vegas investigator that DEFENDANT GOLDEN was a participant in the sexual assaults that occurred at DEFENDANT eXp REALTY Recruitment Events.

All but one of the Plaintiffs have opted to proceed anonymously. This Plaintiff is Fabiola Acevedo.

In the Complaint an alleged encounter between Acevedo and Bjorkman is cited;

In early 2018, during a real estate networking event, DEFENDANT GOLDEN first began trying to recruit Ms. Acevedo to join DEFENDANT eXp REALTY.

Ms. Acevedo had known DEFENDANT GOLDEN as a leader in the real estate business for some time and trusted him and his guidance.

After many conversations with DEFENDANT GOLDEN, Ms. Acevedo decided she wanted to join DEFENDANT eXp REALTY and have DEFENDANT GOLDEN as her Sponsor Agent.

DEFENDANT GOLDEN then explained to Ms. Acevedo that DEFENDANT BJORKMAN had already purchased tickets to a real estate networking event hosted by the Closing Table at the Pelican Hill Hotel in Pelican Hill, California on July 20-22, 2018 and that it would be good for her career to go to this event as DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’S guest.

Arriving a day before the start of the conference, DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s (and DEFENDANT eXp REALTY’s) Sponsor Agent, Rosie Rodriguez invited Ms. Acevedo to tour her eXp REALTY office and stay the night at her guest house.

The next day, on July 20, 2018, Ms. Rodriguez dropped off Ms. Acevedo at the Pelican Hill Hotel for the networking conference.

Upon checking in, the hotel informed Ms. Acevedo that she did not have a room reserved in her name and that the hotel was sold out and there were no more rooms available.

Upset, Ms. Acevedo called DEFENDANT GOLDEN about the lack of accommodations. DEFENDANT GOLDEN told her to stay in DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’s hotel room, that she could trust him, that they were “family”.

Based on a long-term platonic friendship with DEFENDANT GOLDEN, Ms. Acevedo trusted him and agreed to stay in DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’s room which had separate beds.

That evening, Ms. Acevedo had a single cocktail with DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and others at the hotel bar. Thereafter, she remembers nothing until the next morning whereupon she awoke naked in DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’S hotel room.

Another woman and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN were in the other bed naked. Another man was on the floor clothed.

Disoriented and in shock, Ms. Acevedo ran to the bathroom to shower only to have DEFENDANT BJORKMAN come into the bathroom naked, exposing himself to her and attempting to engage her in inappropriate sexual contact.

The day the conference started, July 20, 2018, DEFENDANT eXp REALTY sent Ms. Acevedo a new offer to join DEFENDANT eXp REALTY.

Uncertain and confused about the events at the conference, Ms. Acevedo signed the agreement on July 23, 2018, naming DEFENDANT BJORKMAN as her Sponsor Agent.

As a result of DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s Venture, Ms. Acevedo was deeply traumatized and unable to work as a real estate agent. However, she continued to pay all fees required by DEFENDANTS.

In 2022 Acevedo attended an Exp Realty conference, where she got the chance to talk to founder Glenn Sanford (right).

(Acevedo) spoke to DEFENDANT SANFORD, current CEO of DEFENDANT eXp REALTY about the 2018 incident and what she experienced thereafter.

Despite already knowing about DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’s and DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s pattern and practice of predatory sexual conduct toward DEFENDANT eXp REALTY agents based on his position as the CEO of DEFENDANT eXp REALTY, DEFENDANT SANFORD did nothing to assist Ms. Acevedo and acted as if he was hearing about their behavior for the very first time, thus gaslighting Ms. Acevedo.

Later that same year, Acevedo

spoke with Jason Gesing, who at that time was the CEO of DEFENDANT eXp REALTY, about the 2018 incident and what she experienced thereafter.

Despite already knowing about DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’s and DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s pattern and practice of predatory sexual conduct toward DEFENDANT eXp REALTY agents from his position as the CEO of DEFENDANT eXp REALTY, Mr. Gesing did nothing to assist Ms. Acevedo.

In addition to not receiving any substantive help from either DEFENDANT SANFORD or Gesing, Ms. Acevedo reached out to multiple people at DEFENDANT eXp REALTY asking for assistance.

No substantive help was provided to Ms. Acevedo.

Plaintiff Jane Doe 1 was recruited into Exp Realty by Bjorkman.

Initially, she refused to join because she knew if she named DEFENDANT BJORKMAN as her Sponsor Agent, DEFENDANT GOLDEN would be in her “upline.”

JANE DOE 1 was weary to have DEFENDANT GOLDEN in her upline because DEFENDANT BJORKMAN would constantly tell her that DEFENDANT GOLDEN was a “dirtbag” and a “rapist.”

DEFENDANT BJORKMAN also told JANE DOE 1 that despite DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s moral failings, he felt that he owed DEFENDANT GOLDEN.

After incessant recruiting efforts, JANE DOE 1 agreed to join DEFENDANT eXp REALTY and name DEFENDANT BJORKMAN as her Sponsor Agent.

On April 11, 2019, JANE DOE 1 attended a real estate networking event hosted by The Closing Table at a hotel in Beverly Hills, CA for the purpose of learning during the day and recruiting real estate agents to join DEFENDANT eXp REALTY at night.

JANE DOE 1 and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN went to the dinner with other conference attendees.

DEFENDANT JANE DOE 1 had a single glass of wine at dinner. After dinner, JANE DOE 1 went to the hotel bar and had one drink.

Later that evening, one of the event hosts invited everyone to his room for a get-together.

JANE DOE 1 didn’t want to go to the event but felt pressured to network and recruit other agents to join DEFENDANT eXp REALTY since that was the purpose of the trip.

When they arrived at the host’s room, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN handed her a drink.

Shortly thereafter, JANE DOE 1 blacked out until the next morning when she woke up naked and alone in her hotel room.

The room was in disarray, and she could tell room service had been there, but she had spotty memory of it and was trying to decipher what had occurred.

She immediately went to the bathroom. She felt sick, saw blood from her vagina and experienced pain.

Soon after, the phone rang, and it was DEFENDANT BJORKMAN calling her.

By this time, she was starting to get flashes of memories from the night before. JANE DOE 1 immediately asked DEFENDANT BJORKMAN, “What happened? What did you do?”

She accused him of having sex with her.

Rather than admit that they had sexual intercourse, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN gaslit her and repeatedly told her that she was crazy and that nothing happened.

Later that day, JANE DOE 1 told DEFENDANT BJORKMAN that she thinks she was “roofied” the night before.

DEFENDANT BJORKMAN replied that he must have been “roofied” as well and continued to gaslight her, telling her that she was crazy and that nothing happened.

A few days after she was raped, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN sent her a video from the night of the rape in an effort to “prove” she was drunk.

The video shows that JANE DOE 1 was hallucinating and acting completely out of character.

Despite having only three (3) drinks during the entire evening, JANE DOE 1 has no memories of the events depicted in the video.

On April 27, 2019, JANE DOE 1 and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN traveled from California to San Antonio, Texas for another real estate networking event (hosted by a networking group called “Club Wealth”) to recruit agents to join DEFENDANT eXp REALTY.

While in San Antonio, JANE DOE 1 was still questioning her sanity and would repeatedly ask DEFENDANT BJORKMAN if he had assaulted her/penetrated her while she was incapacitated at the last event they attended.

After repeated questioning, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN finally admitted that they did have sex at the last event. He told her he lied because he didn’t want to “embarrass” her.

DEFENDANT BJORKMAN went on to explain that JANE DOE 1 was “fucked up” and out of control, was hitting on him and was all over him.

DEFENDANT BJORKMAN did not confess that he had drugged her which is why she was behaving so out of character.

At that moment, JANE DOE 1 decided she would start the difficult process of leaving the business they had built together, but because of their business and financial entwinement, she knew it would take some time before she could completely distance herself from him.

JANE DOE 1 considered at that point reporting him to the authorities but thought no one would believe her. She did confide in some friends about what had happened.

As soon as she was able to do so, JANE DOE 1 severed all ties with DEFENDANT BJORKMAN.

As a result of being drugged/rendered incapacitated and being assaulted, JANE DOE 1 has suffered extreme emotional distress, has PTSD and has lost business opportunities which significantly impacted her income.

Plaintiff Jane Doe 1 eventually reported Bjorkman’s alleged conduct to Corey Haggard, a member of Exp Realty’s “executive leadership”, in October 2020.

Jane Doe 1 repeatedly requested to be moved from DEFENDANT GOLDEN and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’s line.

After months of these repeated requests, they agreed to move her but refused to pay her the part of the Revenue Share they were sending to DEFENDANT BJORKMAN.

Plaintiff Jane Doe 2

was invited to attend an eXp REALTY Recruiting Event at the Wynn and Encore Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, from August 27, 2020 to August 30, 2020.

The event was hosted by DEFENDANT GOLDEN and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN as an eXp recruiting event.

On Friday, August 28, 2020, JANE DOE 2 and other attendees took an event provided bus from their hotel to an eXp REALTY Recruitment Event held at the guest speaker, Jon Cheplak’s house, in Henderson, NV.

Attending the event were many DEFENDANT eXp REALTY real estate agents, including DEFENDANT GOVE.

Discussed at this eXp REALTY Recruitment Event was Agent Attraction and DEFENDANT eXp REALTY’s Revenue Share pyramid.

After the event, the bus returned them to their hotel (Wynn). JANE DOE 2 and a couple of friends planned on going to dinner that evening but first, they wanted to stop by a get-together held by two of the event’s hosts, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN.

That evening, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN held the get-together inside of their suite, at the Encore Hotel and Casino.

DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN invited event attendees to their suite for drinks, snacks, and to hang out that evening.

After arriving, JANE DOE 2 poured herself one cup of vodka and soda water, which she sipped during the event.

JANE DOE 2 continually added soda water to the drink and never added more vodka.

This was the only alcoholic beverage she drank over the course of the entire evening, and she did not finish the entire drink.

After the party, JANE DOE 2 and some of her friends left for Caesar’s Palace where they had dinner.

JANE DOE 2 recalls leaving the eXp REALTY Recruiting Event but has very limited memory for the remainder of the evening.

While at dinner, JANE DOE 2 recalls having to excuse herself from the table to go to the bathroom and vomit.

She also recalls sitting at the dinner table but has no memory of leaving the dinner.

JANE DOE 2 next recalls waking up the next morning with a headache, feeling very groggy and was nude in her own bed in her hotel room.

JANE DOE 2 has since shared her experience with co-workers who were with her that evening.

Based on her conversations with them she learned that she went to the bathroom multiple times while at dinner, and she was gone for so long that her friends had to go to the restroom to find her.

JANE DOE 2 has no memory of this happening.

In addition to discussing the evening with her friends, JANE DOE 2 posted about this experience on her Facebook page but did not publicly provide DEFENDANT BJORKMAN or DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s name in the post.

As a result, she discovered that other women associated with DEFENDANT eXp REALTY had been rendered incapacitated, drugged, and sexually assaulted after attending the same and other eXp REALTY Recruiting Events.

After speaking with several people, JANE DOE 2 realized that she was drugged/rendered incapacitated by DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN.

In addition, on the evening before JANE DOE 2 was drugged, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN rented a cabana at the Wynn hotel pool.

As the rest of the party was leaving, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN invited JANE DOE 2 to stay behind and have a cigarette with him, which she did. He then said that everyone was going back up to the suite, so she followed him.

When JANE DOE 2 got there, it was only DEFENDANT GOLDEN and his girlfriend present.

They pressured JANE DOE 2 to stay and have another drink, but JANE DOE 2 declined the invitation and returned to her hotel room.

As a result of being drugged/rendered incapacitated and having no memory of the events that happened later, JANE DOE 2 has suffered extreme emotional distress; has lost business opportunities, including but not limited to, a lucrative position she had coaching other real estate agents, speaking and marketing opportunities.

JANE DOE 2 continues to live in fear of running into DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN at real estate events, so much so that for a significant period of time, she was unable to attend any networking events which significantly impacted her income.

Plaintiff Jane Doe 3 was recruited into Exp Realty under Bjorkman.

In August of 2020, JANE DOE 3 was invited to attend an event in Las Vegas by her Sponsor Agent DEFENDANT BJORKMAN, and his Sponsor Agent DEFENDANT GOLDEN.

It was marketed to her as an eXp REALTY Recruiting Event that would be good for her real estate career to attend.

On Thursday, August 27, 2020, JANE DOE 3 traveled from Florida to Las Vegas, NV to attend the eXp REALTY Recruiting Event which was held at multiple locations including the Encore Hotel and Casino where JANE DOE 3 had a hotel room.

On Saturday, August 29, 2020, JANE DOE 3 went to DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN’S hotel suite for another DEFENDANT eXp REALTY group get-together.

JANE DOE 3 remembered DEFENDANT GOLDEN becoming upset during the evening, so she and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN went for a walk on the Las Vegas Strip and gambled at the casino.

After gambling for a while, JANE DOE 3 and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN returned to DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN’S hotel suite.

JANE DOE 3’s memory is spotty and limited from this point forward. JANE DOE 3 does recall being sexually assaulted by DEFENDANT BJORKMAN that evening.

JANE DOE 3 also recalls witnessing both DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN consume GHB from a plastic “5 Hour Energy” bottle.

They both told her that they take GHB recreationally.

A few weeks after the sexual assault, JANE DOE 3 discussed the incident with DEFENDANT GOLDEN.

DEFENDANT GOLDEN encouraged her to lie about it when interviewed by the police.

After the incident, JANE DOE 3 received many threatening messages from people associated with DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN.

Upon information and belief, on or around January of 2021, DEFENDANT GOVE was reaching out to multiple eXp agents requesting that they submit false statements to the Las Vegas investigator to help DEFENDANTS GOLDEN and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN.

On March 3, 2021, JANE DOE 3 directly discussed with DEFENDANT GOVE the assault that occurred in Las Vegas in 2020.

DEFENDANT GOVE had been present at the 2020 event and had seen that JANE DOE 3 had been out of her mind which was completely out of character.

On March 3, 2021, she expressed the pain she felt at knowing that leaders at eXp, including DEFENDANT GOVE knew about DEFENDANT GOLDEN and DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’S illegal actions for years prior to her assault and did nothing.

During this conversation with JANE DOE 3, DEFENDANT GOVE acted as if he had no idea what she was talking about and kept saying he “hoped it wasn’t true” even though she kept telling him it was true and even though he already knew it was true at this time.

As a result of this incident, JANE DOE 3 has suffered and continues to suffer from PTSD and extreme emotional distress all of which have negatively impacted and continue to negatively impact every facet of her life.

Jane Doe 3 is married to Plaintiff John Doe 1.

At all times relevant to this Complaint, JOHN DOE 1 was married to JANE DOE 3, and they continue to be married.

As a result of the wrongful and negligent acts of the DEFENDANTS, JOHN DOE 1 was caused to suffer, and will continue to suffer in the future, loss of consortium, loss of society, affection, assistance, and conjugal fellowship, all to the detriment of their marital relationship.

Bjorkman and Golden telling their victims they’d recorded the alleged sexual assaults is a recurring pattern.

As part of its investigation, the police obtained a search warrant for DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s cell phone.

The police conducted a digital extraction of the phone, the results of which remain in police custody.

Upon information and belief, some of the photos and videos recovered from the DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s phone contain evidence that supports the allegations set forth in this Complaint.

Plaintiff victims have subpoenaed the Las Vegas Police Department, seeking “the contents of Defendant Golden’s cell phone.”

Golden filed a motion to quash the subpoena on July 13th. Golden claims, among other things, his seized phone

contains private, personal, medical, banking, and financial information (including passwords) relating to Defendant Golden and non-parties including Defendant’s minor daughter and his girlfriend, as well as personal private videos of Defendant Golden and his girlfriend.

The cell phone has videos of Mr. Golden engaging in consensual sexual relations with his girlfriend (Emily Keenan) which is private and personal.

As of December 18th, Golden’s motion to quash remains pending.

Both Bjorkman and Golden are accused of building their Exp Realty MLM business by

creat(ing) an image of “success” which consisted of being surrounded by beautiful women whom they could sexually exploit.

Exp Realty is accused of condoning this behavior (and by proxy the alleged sexual assaults), because it

was aware of these recruitment events, including of what went on at these events, held by DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN and financially benefited from them.

Exp Realty was allegedly aware of Golden’s “criminal actions”, but

took no action to remove DEFENDANT GOLDEN from DEFENDANT eXp REALTY and continued to promote him as one of their respected agents as seen on its website.

DEFENDANT eXp REALTY decided to take no action against DEFENDANT GOLDEN because DEFENDANT GOLDEN provided a long line of agents below him without which his upline, consisting of DEFENDANT GOVE and DEFENDANT SANFORD and others in the upline would lose substantial income.

When reports of DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s criminal conduct became public knowledge a small minority of DEFENDANT eXp REALTY’s corporate leadership expressed a strong desire to terminate DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s association with DEFENDANT eXp REALTY.

Brent Gove (right) is cited as a top Exp Realty Agent with “close to 20,000 agents in his downline” (cited as over a fifth of Exp Realty agents company-wide).

DEFENDANT GOVE was aware of DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN’s recruitment events and would often tell other agents that he was living vicariously through DEFENDANT GOLDEN.

DEFENDANT GOVE held his own recruiting events where upon information and belief women were assaulted by DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and/or DEFENDANT GOLDEN who were invited to these events by DEFENDANT GOVE.

Beyond gaslighting Bjorkman’s and Golden’s victims, Gove is alleged to have participated in an executive-level cover-up.

Upon information and belief, DEFENDANT GOVE threatened to pull his entire team, one-fifth of the entire company, from DEFENDANT eXp REALTY if DEFENDANT eXp REALTY removed DEFENDANT BJORKMAN AND DEFENDANT GOLDEN from DEFENDANT eXp REALTY.

Upon information and belief, DEFENDANT SANFORD, DEFENDANT GOVE and others came to an agreement whereby they would allow DEFENDANT GOLDEN to remain at DEFENDANT eXp REALTY and continue to promote him and to remove DEFENDANT BJORKMAN from their license but continue to pay him his Revenue Share contrary to their own policies.

Rather than conducting a legitimate investigation into the Plaintiffs’ complaints regarding DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN, DEFENDANT eXp REALTY, DEFENDANT GOVE AND DEFENDANT SANFORD did a cost benefit analysis and decided it made economic sense to continue to pay DEFENDANT GOLDEN AND DEFENDANT BJORKMAN.

They put monetary gain over the wellbeing of the PLAINTIFFS.

By choosing to allow DEFENDANT GOLDEN AND DEFENDANT BJORKMAN’s behavior to go unchecked for years simply so they could continue to reap the financial benefits provided by DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN, DEFENDANT eXp REALTY, DEFENDANT GOVE and DEFENDANT SANFORD were complicit in allowing assaults to occur.

When Exp Realty founder Glenn Sanford was asked point-blank

what would he do when this came out publicly, DEFENDANT SANFORD’s response was to say, “so what, it is only going to be in the news cycle for 3-5 days, and nothing will happen”.

With reports of sexual assault among top Exp Realty Agents publicly circulating throughout the company since at least 2020, the Complaint goes on to claim

DEFENDANT SANFORD, DEFENDANT GOVE, DEFENDANT BJORKMAN and DEFENDANT GOLDEN gaslit the Plaintiffs in concert, shaming and blaming the Plaintiffs, holding these horrific moments over their heads.

Plaintiffs’ Complaint alleges two counts of

  • human trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion;
  • one count of “participating in a venture in violation of 18 U.S.C. §1595” (civil remedy);
  • one count of sexual battery;
  • one count of civil battery;
  • three counts of intentional infliction of emotional distress;
  • one count of negligence;
  • one count of negligent hiring, retention, and supervision; and
  • one count of loss of consortium

As of December 2023, the outcome of the case remains pending. Any substantial updates will be linked to below.


Update 19th December 2023 – A second lawsuit alleging similar conduct by Exp Realty, Glenn Sanford, Michael Bjorkman and David Golden, was filed in California on December 14th.


Update 25th March 2024 – A jury trial has been scheduled for April 21st, 2025.