The Empower Network implosion saga continues, with the latest development an impasse between the brothers David and William Wood.

David Wood owns and pretty much is Empower Network. William Wood claims he’s

not an owner, nor have I ever been of Empower Network.

My role here at EN has been one of developing content and training as a contractor.

Following a phone discussion today with David, William Wood has announced he’s leaving Empower Network.

William Wood’s departure from Empower Network comes less than 24 hours after an explosive video suggested David Wood’s “meltdown” was a marketing ploy.

Whether William was in on David’s ruse was unclear at the time of the release. In a new video published on David Wood’s Facebook profile, William claims that David reached out to him for help on June 11th.

If the meltdown was a ruse, it seems William Wood wasn’t aware of it (if at all) until the last minute.

In the latest video, William Wood cites a “short conversation” with Wood earlier today as the reason for his departure.

Today I had a short conversation with my brother, asking him about his intentions for the vision of Empower Network moving forward.

And after that conversation I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer be a help to Empower Network.

I do not believe that it is in the best interest of myself, nor is it the wishes of my brother that I remain helping Empower Network.

Moving forward I cannot have an affiliation with Empower Network.

I believe we’ve come to a place where there’s a fundamental difference in vision between me and my brother.

So I am respectfully deciding to step away and to allow David to run Empower Network.

And I will not be fielding any direct questions about Empower Network from the general public.

William doesn’t disclose what exactly he and his brother discussed (or what he and David disagreed on), but later states David wanted

to prove that he was a prophet. And that he had the ability to make flowers grow and/or to heal people and to predict an upcoming apocalypse.

With respect to yesterday’s video. William acknowledges that the group chat is accurate but claims after searching David’s phone, that the “private conversation” in which Wood reveals his going crazy is a marketing ruse, was doctored.

William claims the audio recordings that accompany the private chat were strung together from private conversations at different times.

Interestingly, William doesn’t disclose whether or not David confirmed the chat was legitimate when he spoke to him earlier.

Personally I think the timing of William’s departure is pretty suspect. Surely the video must have come up in their conversation.

And if David Wood was acting the whole thing out and wanted to keep William in the dark, what’s to say he didn’t delete the private conversation before surrendering his phone?

Fair enough William wishes to believe his brother is genuinely unwell. But then how did someone string together random audio clips that perfectly fit an explanatory narrative for David Wood’s unexpected behavior?

In the absence of an explanation from David Wood or clarification on whether the private chat is legitimate, it’s currently the only explanation out there.

Unfortunately with David purportedly in rehab somewhere, it might be some time before we get any answers. And even then in light of the leak, what’s to say the ruse is covered up after the fact?

There’s little to no chance David’s meltdown is going to work as a marketing ploy now, as the whole plan hinged on only himself and possibly William being in on it.

Whether David Wood still believes he’s a prophet and there’s a coming apocalypse when sober is unclear. Ditto whether he was even on any drugs in the first place.

As to the future of Empower Network, William states David Wood is back in control of the company. What David’s new “vision” for Empower Network is remains to be seen.