dubli-logoFollowing a the publishing of a now-deleted video, in which Tony Rush, Randy Schrum, Kristian Hoenicke and John Lavenia sat around a table and jovially announced they would not be attending the next Dubli event, now news that Dubli has terminated the four Vice-President ranked affiliates.

All is not what it seems though, with Rush, Schrum, Hoenicke and Lavenia claiming the terminations only came about after multiple attempts to resign.In a statement published through Home Business Labs, Rush, Schrum, Hoenicke and Lavenia explain

After much deliberation and many attempts to point out problems to Dubli, we’ve finally reached a level of disappointment that forces us to sever our relationship with the company.

After three unanswered letters of resignation in the last two weeks, the company finally responded by announcing that they had terminated Randy Schrum, Kristian Hoenicke, Tony Rush and John Lavenia.

The marketing quartet claim to be “confused” as to why they were terminated, claiming the termination itself was Dubli treating them with “such disrespect”.

As of this week, we are no longer involved with Dubli Network as distributors. We will no longer be promoting or endorsing their products or business opportunity.

We will continue to focus our attention on our other projects and we are as excited as ever about the many offerings we are preparing for our members, customers and affiliates moving forward.

In the video I referenced at the beginning of this article, after cracking jokes about Dubai being the venue of choice for Dubli’s Summit 2015 event, Rush, Schrum, Hoenicke and Lavenia gushed about a new business opportunity they’d just gotten involved in.

For those concerned with their participation in the CBA advertising co-op, be assured that all traffic you have ordered will be delivered as scheduled.

This month’s orders have already been placed with our advertising and media sources and are being fulfilled. There will be no further orders accepted, and all monthly renewal/re-billing will cease immediately.

The HomeBusinessLabs members website and resources including the official Facebook group will continue to exist as it is now.

Any future changes to these resources will be announced via email to all members who are subscribed.

The weekly HBL Members training webinars will be suspended until further notice, and will likely re-launch as a generic resource for home-business entrepreneurs regardless of company affiliation.

One possible reason for the termination is cross-recruitment, however I was unable to find any further specific information from Dubli Network themselves.

From the sounds of the Home Business Labs press-release though, Rush, Schrum, Hoenicke and Lavenia are maintaining they don’t know why they were terminated.