On March 1st Defi Synergy celebrated one month of scamming consumers.

Six days later Defi Synergy’s website went down and its domain was disabled.

Attempts to visit Defi Synergy’s website currently return a DNS error:

WHOIS records for Defi Synergy’s website domain reveal the last change was made on March 6th.

The current status of the domain is “ClientHold”, which ICANN states is

is an uncommon status that is usually enacted during legal disputes, non-payment, or when your domain is subject to deletion.

In attempt to stop investors panicking over losing their money, Defi Synergy communicated the following over Telegram on March 7th;

We regret to inform you that our platform is currently experiencing downtime. Rest assured, your funds are safe, and there’s no need for panic. Our team is working tirelessly to reinstate the website.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Updates will be provided as soon as we have more information.

There have been no further updates since.

As reviewed by BehindMLM on March 4th, Defi Synergy was a Ponzi scheme pitching mostly US residents on daily returns of up to 2.5%.

Names attached to Defi Synergy were James Prewitt, J Scott Whitney and Bob Bearden, all of whom have a history of promoting fraudulent investment schemes.

Pending any updates, total Defi Synergy victim numbers and how much they’ve collectively lost remains unclear.