Coinfinesse Group has capped affiliate withdrawals.

The Ponzi scheme cites bitcoin’s recent crash as the primary factor behind the decision.

It’s common knowledge that when a Ponzi scheme starts limiting withdrawals a collapse isn’t far off.

Coinfinesse Group’s withdrawal restrictions were introduced over the weekend. Affiliate investors were informed via a message sent out on March 14th.

In addition to capping withdrawals, Coinfinesse Group has banned affiliates from “dissolving” their investment contracts (read: cashing out).

Coinfinesse Group falls short of pulling a COVID-19 exit-scam, however the virus is mentioned in the company’s announcement.

I think everyone noticed that Bitcoin had a big price reduction of almost 40% within just one day this week.

If the corona virus or the overall economic situation is the reason for that isn’t clear yet.

This is also the reason why the weekly profit was below our estimated percentage rate.

The financial world is uncertain and very volatile with the coronavirus which has a big impact on the economy.

Coinfinesse Group is a relaunch of the collapsed Coinfinity Ponzi scheme.

Affiliate investors are paid weekly returns of up to 3.6%, which Coinfinesse Group pretends are sourced via “crypto trading and related activities”.